Holiday Hide and Seek | THE GRINCH Stole our CHRISTMAS!!

(Christmas music) – [Kids] Hey guys! – I’m Marissa – I’m Brookie. – And today we are here with
our cousins Luke and Kyle. – Hey! – And our sisters, and we
are playing a brand new game that we just created called – [Kids] Hide and Seek Holiday Edition! (cheering) – Okay guys, so how this works is we have a Christmas tree in there, and it has 10 ornaments. – The Grinch is trying to steal Christmas, and he has taken all 10 ornaments off of the tree and hidden
them around the house. They could be in the oven,
they could be in the fridge, they could be under the
couches, we have no idea. But we are going to go inside and try and find all 10 ornaments and return them back safely
to the Christmas tree. – How we win, is if we successfully capture all of the ornaments and put em back on the tree. But if we don’t do that, and the Grinch catches us all, then we lose, and he ruins Christmas so we have to save it okay? – [Kids] We need to save Christmas! – We can do this guys! – Okay guys, I see the Christmas tree with no ornaments, and I
don’t see the Grinch either. – Now we gotta find all the ornaments, and gotta be really
careful about the Grinch. – Hopefully not getting captured. – Okay we gotta make a game plan. – Let’s strategize guys. – Okay what we need to do, Okay, Kyle and Lucy you
need to go in first. You guys need to spot the ornaments, don’t pick em up, we just
need to have a game plan. – We just need to spot the ornaments and then we can go back in and put them on the Christmas
tree without getting captured. – Be really stealthy
guys, okay let’s do this. – Are you ready? – [Kids] One, two, three, save Christmas! – Okay are we ready Lucy? – Yeah – You guys can do this. – You guys, he’s not watching. (door slams) (Christmas music) (creepy droning music) (explosion) – Kyle is under the coffee table. – Shh shh shh! (dramatic orchestral music) (gasp) – He’s coming, oh jeez! (dramatic orchestral music) – Where’s Lucy? – He lost his Santa hat. – He lost his hat! (dramatic orchestral music) (cheering) – He’s right by the window. (screaming) (door slams) – We found one present and an ornament. (cheering) – Me versus Shannon next,
me and you should go next. – There are two ornaments and one present. – What? – Look the Grinch! – Oh my that scared me! – Let’s lift our spirits ready? (laughter) Yeah save Christmas! (cheering) Okay we gotta wait until the Grinch is in a blind
spot, like around the corner. Then we can search the kitchen okay? (gasp) Guys the Grinch is in the kitchen. – He’s right in the
kitchen so we can’t go. Okay we gotta wait. – Hey I just saw a
present right in the bin. – Just grab as many as you can. – Where is he, where is he? – Go go go go go! (door slams) (whispering) – Marissa! Shh! (yelling) (scary droning music) (explosion) (dramatic orchestral music) – It’s right there! It’s right there! (screaming) – Oh my god, just in time you guys! Look Marissa is still in there though. I got one present under the tree. – Okay good. I spotted one more under the– – Wait I’m gonna go with– – There’s one in the game center… There’s one in the game center
and one in the cement bowl. – Marissa! – Marissa come on! – Marissa! (gasp) – Go Marissa! (screaming) (upbeat christmas music) – I got one! – That’s scary. – Is this one an ornament? – Yeah. – Awesome. – You have to put it back under the tree. – Oh! (laughs) – Alright I guess one of
us will have to go in. – I just ran out. – Who wants to go with me? – I’ll go with you Brook. – Alright let’s go. – Okay, ready? – I don’t see the Grinch I
have no clue where he is. – Should we try a different exit maybe? Or an entrance? – Sure do you wanna do the
dining room one over there? – Yeah let’s go! You guys just tell us
when the Grinch is coming. – Okay! – Guys, you see him anywhere Lucy? – No. – Okay guys, I know Luke
and Brookie are in there, but I’m gonna take Ella in just cause she hasn’t gone in yet. So we’re gonna try and get the ornaments. – He’s right there. – Oh, we have to wait. – I’ll tell you guys where to go. – Okay tell us where the Grinch is too while we’re in there okay? – I’m gonna be at this window. (yelling) (creepy droning music) Okay you guys. (screaming) Run! Run! Run Ella run! They’re getting chased
by the Grinch right now. (gasps) Maybe they can get the
ornament on the tree. (creepy droning music) (dramatic orchestral music) – They captured an ornament,
it’s not on the tree though. – I couldn’t get the
ornament off the tree! On the tree! – Let me see this, let me see this. I can do this easy. – Alright guys, we’ve
gotta win this, okay? – Kyle, you gotta go in and
put that ornament on the tree. – And then I’m gonna try to go
scout out for more ornaments. – Okay tell us where they
are when you get back. – Okay ready? – [Kids] One, two, three, save Christmas! – Alright ready Brook? – Oh yeah! – Okay, go go go! (door creaks) – The Grinch is in there! Gotta be careful – Shh! – Shh! (creepy droning music) – They’re good. – On the tree, on the tree, on the tree! Put it on the tree, put it on the tree! It’s on the tree guys, the
ornament is on the tree. – Chill okay? (gasps) Yes, go go go go! (screaming) (dramatic orchestral music) (door creaks) (door slams) – No! (screaming) Marissa me and you have
to save Christmas okay? – We only have Brookie,
you, and me left oh my gosh! – Okay we need to go Marissa. Okay once the Grinch goes around… Wait wait wait, once the Grinch goes around the fridge corner. (door slams) (laughter) – Alright why don’t you tell
us when he’s over there? – Okay yeah. – Go! (door creaks) (door slams) (creepy droning music) (dramatic orchestral music) (door slams) – Two people got caught, Lucy and Kyle. (upbeat Christmas music) Three people got caught,
Marissa, Kyle, and Lucy. – Okay guys, I’m looking in the window, and I don’t really know what
the Grinch is doing right now, so I’m gonna go in there. Cause Luke is in the closet
right now, so whoopsie. – Good luck you guys,
go for it, go for it! You can do it! – Okay he’s in the kitchen right now, and I really want to look in the kitchen, like freezer oven type stuffs. – I don’t want to go. (creepy droning music) (explosion) (dramatic orchestral music) (screaming) – Yeah, I got three ornaments! (screaming) Luke just got caught oh no! (door slams) – I got three. – Three, and Luke got one. – And he got caught. – Okay so who’s left to run now Lucy? Me and her? I’m out of breath. – Wait, we only have one more. Maybe the stockings. – Yeah maybe the stockings. Okay this is what we have to do. I’m gonna look in the
stockings right there. It’ll be really easy because it’s just right
there next to the door. I don’t know where else to look. Maybe on the Santa? – Yeah – Maybe in that little cabinet thingy? Alright let’s do those. Okay how about you look
in the cabinet thing. And then I’ll look in the stockings. Ready? (door clicks) (creepy droning music) (door slams) Okay so there’s nothing in the stockings, was there anything in there? – No. – Oh my gosh! Alright I’m gonna keep on
looking in the kitchen. Maybe some cabinets, maybe
some microwave you know? Where is he? (door slams) I wasn’t able to put it on the tree, but I got an ornament! Okay I’ve got one, and I
think there’s one or two more. (upbeat Christmas music) He’s setting the table. Okay I think I’m gonna run. Okay guys I’m gonna go try
to put this on the tree. Okay he’s in the refrigerator
so I think we can go. (creepy droning music) (explosion) (dramatic orchestral music) (screaming) (screaming) – Christmas is ruined! (screaming) (screaming) (jingling bells) Christmas is ruined! – He stole Christmas! (door slams) – We’re so sad, the
Grinch stole Christmas, but luckily this is just a game. So we had so much fun,
thank you to our cousins Luke and Kyle for being in
it, and our little sisters. And a big thanks to our cousin
Gage for playing the Grinch. He did an awesome job. It is hot in here! – Oh yeah! All sweaty! – You did awesome, you stole
Christmas successfully. Good job. – [Kids] Thanks for watching! – We hope you enjoyed the video. – Please subscribe if you want to. And a huge thanks to
our cousins Luke, Kyle, and Gage, the Grinch,
for being in our video. Please check out their channels linked in the description box below, and we will see you next time. – [Kids] Bye!

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