100 thoughts on “Home Flight – Jean-Baptiste Chandelier /// with Luc Alphand & Pierre Vaultier

  1. I really appreciate the work and thought that went into sound editing of this video. Music wasn't overwhelming and it was so refreshing to hear those raw sounds now and then. Thank You!

  2. Super ! Merci beaucoup lucio et Jb. Que mes montagnes sont belles vu d'en haut ! Moi la briançonnaise qui les admire que d'en bas! Bravo pour votre talent et votre performance. Je suis fan ! 👏 merci vous êtes top

  3. I don't come here a lot, but this is one of my favorite channels. Every video contains so much beauty, I can barely take it.

  4. En regardant plusieurs de tes vidéo je comprends le choix du sponsors Adidas 😉
    En tous cas …encore de belles images

  5. Τι ωραία αίσθηση ρε φίλε…μπράβο , να είσαι πάντα καλά!!!

  6. Tutte le cose pericolose, sopra un ragionevole limite, dovrebbe essere proibita la divulgazione. Il passaggi tra le sedie sdraio del rifugio è un esempio : spostamento di pochi centimetri derivante da un colpetto di vento e cosa avrebbe causato a chi era sdraiato sulla sedia? NON è importante se a dormire non c' era nessuno è si trattava di trucchi cinematografici: questa roba non si divulga.

  7. I am overwhelmed. Finally an inspiring sports video which does not include any near death situations.
    @Red Bull take notice!

  8. Awesome dude. Hopefully I’ll have half your skills with a few more years of practice. Check out more para vids: Hike and fly near miss to the nuts

  9. After watching this I can't decide what bathroom to use. I wish I voted for obama.I think I should sleep with a man. And I need a man bun. Oh and life isn't fair. Boohoo.

  10. I'm also a paragliding pilot and a big fan of winter sports.
    I've watched this video a million times I love it so much!
    Great job done by everyone in the team!

  11. If he wants to kill himself – fine. So many other people's lives were put at needless risk, that any pleasure I got from the beauty of the film simply vanished. This is selfishness pursued to the extreme. I am all for pushing yourself hard – all for controlling and so limiting risk. But not where my behaviour exposes others to pointless risk.

  12. … Красота-а-а-а …. Аж дух захватывает от просмотра данного ролика 🙂 Супер! 🙂

  13. holy f..k that looks so f…ing dangerous from start to finish , mad props to ya man , don't push your luck bro , there's a fine line btwn that kind of skill and ending up as splat , God bless =)

  14. Bravo! One of the best videos I've seen with a speed wing. Reminds me of Candide Thovex: One of Those Days. Great camera work and great skill. Didn't see the shadow of the drone once.

  15. Certain humans can find a synergy ( beyond the concept of proficiency ) with their equipment of choice …. it's more of the subconscious part of brain than it's of a conscious act…. hence the word 'synergy'. 😉

  16. Holy fuck, those infinity tumbles over a city….That's a lot of talent, huge balls and massively risky. Hope he keeps cheating the odds until he settles down a bit.

  17. Когда на сердце хандра. Когда сердце грусть. И не можешь ехать в Непал в ноябре. Смотри Жана. Станет легче.

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