Honest Government Ad | The Great Australian Bight

G’day I’m from the Australian government you know, the wankers who killed the Great Barrier Reef the largest living structure on the planet,
visible even from outer space whoops! but don’t worry,
there’s another great wonder down under so say goodbye to the Great Barrier Reef
and say hello to the Great Australian Bight One of the few remaining places we
haven’t completely rooted the Bight is a pristine sanctuary
for shitloads of endangered species dolphins… whales… and whatever these freaks are it’s also the heart of our fishing industry which makes it the perfect next choice of
Greatness to annihilate under our MALGA Policy:
Make Australia Less Great, Again That’s why we’re about to let a
bunch of eco criminals drill for oil in the Bight yup right in the middle of those sanctuaries is it a good deal? Sure, for these c**ts who’ll walk away with billions in profits while paying bugger-all taxes which means the economic benefit for you is approximately… zero! Will it create jobs? Stacks! in the booming post-apocalyptic
dead planet tourism industry which we’re helping to bring about Is it safe? Of course not remember that time that oil rig blew up,
causing the biggest ecological fail ever? that was in calm waters and close to rescue services and this is the Bight: and ocean so
pissed off and remote our chances of containing a spill here
are approximately… fuck-all! which is why even oil companies have
forecast that if… I mean, when a spill occurs it will pretty much endanger the
entire southern coast of Australia along with all the fishing and tourism jobs Are we gonna do it anyway? You betcha! Our mates are just waiting
for the green light from NOPSEMA our super dodgy Regulator which we’ve
stacked full of former oil executives which is why unless you get wind of this
bullshit and tell us to GTFO drilling should commence
as early as 2018 Welcome to the Great Australian Bight Home to our next Great fuck up. Authorised by the Department for
Making Australia Less Great, Again

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | The Great Australian Bight

  1. Finished with the choisest words ever: our next great fuck-up. Ahh dear. When will we ever get a government that actually gives a fuck about the people and the country? Oh, yeah. When all the sheep stop voting the same pieces of crap who sold everyone out back into office term after term.

  2. Stop driving petrol powered cars you stupid thick headed fuck wits Balme game is all you 3 year olds got go fuck yourselves

  3. Fuck it, someone give me the addressed of these cunts and a few guns… I'll take care of this myself since no one else seems to care!

  4. I vote for the juice media party! Where’s the rich Australians that care enough to pump finance into you guys, Russell Crowe, Dick Smith, Rove, someone… anyone. Show us the money πŸ’°.. help save the country form the criminal government.. these videos should be on mainstream tv.. wake up Australia and get angry!!

  5. This would be funny except it's most likely true.
    Oil and gas exploration in Australia has reached stupidity levels never seen before.

  6. I was surprised to watched this .. I thought Australian government is environmental friendly and follow the rules and regulations.. if it’s happened in Sri Lanka I understand πŸ€”

  7. I will copy your content to my own government and also americaπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ thank youuu

  8. I am doing political corruption for my English assignment- it’s so hard for me not to swear about everything they do I just want to say the liberal government should just fuck right off and suck a dick.

  9. Have your say!

  10. Hahahaha.. I love it. In all honesty though Australia is a great place. They just need to take Uncle Sam's dick out of their ass and have faith in themselves.

  11. I like some of your videos, but I'm no sure I agree here. More safety precautions need to be taken than in the Gulf of Mexico (in that case there were many shut-off exemptions issued that shouldn't have been), but the mere presence of rigs shouldn't endanger wildlife if it's overseen properly. You also showed Statoil's logo a lot. For those of you who don't know that's the mostly Norwegian state-owned company they use to augment their welfare state's ability to spend. No doubt they do good things. So the issue is complicated.

  12. I've watched a number of your videos and now I understand why you spell Australian in French ('Australien'). What an insecure, childish, and moronic government you have to deal with in Australia. Sorry you guys don't have a Bill of Rights like we do in the United States.

  13. more great satire …. You make great Satire content the stuff that make you want to subscribe ….done just subscibed … good stuff

  14. stop it u crazy bitches, gonna laught till lungs stop working. and yes birds u to have the finger on the pulse. kiss off life and don't touch my cock just dump me into the corral reef. see if the horse thiny give me kiss of life. under water horse don't care, hey on paternaity leave.

  15. I love the oversized calculators. Sad to know every Gov't in the world is under a corrupt right wing Gov't.

  16. MALGA classic!!!!! Make Australia Less Great Again under zio-jew owned corporations and allowed by zio-jew politicians.

  17. I can see that you ladies can see right through politicians.
    Hopefully you can find some honest people out there.
    I'm sure that alot of your subscribers are on the level.

  18. Is the lack of views of this channel reflective of a lack of knowledge about it or that I am in the minority in my views that this is the most informative place to learn about what our government is up to?

  19. You guys are making only videos but wow it is making waves and thats just what is needed. Please make a video about the problem of police selling drugs

  20. What is the status of this in 2019? I am an American who has been following the Adani debacle in QLD but I am not up to speed on drilling in the bight.

  21. You can always rely on Norwegian companies to fuck up other countries' ecosystems/local communities. Norway, a country that has the most hypocritical policy when it comes to the environment.

  22. These amazing videos have me wishing all the more for a big red button to get rid of us all in one go. Earth would throw a fucking party!

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