Horrible ending to LLWS baseball game Season ending mistake in semifinals

During the 2015 Little League World Series
Northwest Regional games, Cascade Little League in Vancouver, Washington, had experienced
one of the most unfortunate endings to an All Star season. Find out what happened next. Cascade was confident heading into the regional
tournament for good reasons. In five games during the state tournament
Cascade outscored its opponents 58-18 and hit 11 home runs, including five in a 15-6
championship game win over Mercer Island. Teams that typically make it past the State
level don’t get there by mistake. With over 7,000 teams starting in what is
the largest team sport tournament in the world, making it to the top 100 remaining teams takes
planning and Cascade’s team was no exception. In the years leading up to the 2015 tournament,
9 of the players on the team were part of a team which played several travel tournaments
in the region. Williamsport was always the ultimate goal
and this was their one year to make that happen and everything was falling into place. The chance to get to Williamsport to play in the Little League World Series happens once, when you’re twelve. When you’re a 12 year old little league player, and your the manager or the coach of a twelve year old little league team, that’s your one chance. This brings us to the final game. Cascade is behind in the bottom of the six
inning in an elimination game. Starting the last inning behind was not a
new situation. So in this semi final game where the loser
goes home and the winning team plays for their chance to go to Williamsport, Cascade was
just two wins away from their dream but trailing in the bottom of the 6th by two runs. Then the following happens . . . Ground ball to third. May takes his time….throws wildly. Now he has two runners near 3rd base. Throw comes back to 2nd base, they have a run down. A run scores, this is the tying run being chased towards third. and now they lose the ball there. And the runner’s down to 2nd as well. The game continues as 8-7. The tying run at third and now the winning run at 2nd as Idaho had a couple of chances to end it but could not. Very tough play here to make…AND NOW…. The run comes home, but time had been called as we take a look at the play. And they’re going to end the game. We’re going to watch this play… because something shocking has just happened to end the game. The third base umpire, has ended the game. The runner from third started to come home, to tie the game… …but they’re saying there must have been some kind of contact between that 3rd base coach and the runner. and Idaho has won this game in a bizarre fashion. Bizarre to say the least. I am speachless. But the umpires made the call. The third base umpire George Rodriguez, made the call. Idaho has asked for time. This is near the end of the play you see the runner at third. They are asking for time. He tapped his runner. He touched his runner and moved him towards the plate. and that’s the reason the call was made by the 3rd base umpire. if he verbally told him to go….it looked like play was live. That would have been the tying run. You’re absolutely right. Time had not been called. You can see the umpire standing behind 3rd base waiting patiently for something like this to happen and you see the coach inciting him here verbally, he doesn’t get the message and then you see the physical prompt and that is exactly what can not happen. There can not be physical contact between any member of the coaching staff and the player while the ball is live, and a tough break for the kids of Cascade. Wow, what a crazy finish. coaches interference with the runner ends the game and you can understand the disappointment. Coaches made a small mistake that costed them big. but now what’s more admirable then how far this team went in the season is how they are staying positive and supportive despite what happened. We just tied the game we have a shot at winning. But then we rewind to see what happened the seconds before. Mason didn’t initially hear me, so I touched him to get his attention, and in the umpire’s judgement that was assisting. And assisting is illegal. He’s within his right to make that call. The chance to get to Williamsport to play in the Little League World Series happens once, when you’re twelve. When you’re a 12 year old little league player, and your the manager or the coach of a twelve year old little league team, that’s your one chance. And this is our chance and to have it end because of something I did I’ll have to live with that. Although Coach McCarthy is clearly upset… I apologized to the kids immediately after the game I apologized to their parents. The boys on the Cascade Little League team are proud of their coach. I got Brendon’s back 100%. He did what he did and the umpire made his call and that’s it. Mason added that in the end their run was good and worth it to make it to regionals. For the record, the
base coach is not allowed to make any contact whatsoever if it’s deemed to assist the runner. It doesn’t matter if he’s in the coach’s box or not and it does not matter if it’s a very slight touch or an out right push. The rule 7.09(h) reads, “It is interference if in the judgement of the umpire, the base coach at third base or first base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists that runner in returning to or leaving third or first base.” So giving a high five or patting them on the
back as they round a base on a good hit or home run is not considered assisting, but
this case is clear textbook interference and an out. The coach taps him twice and then pushes him
to go. I also find it interesting that while the
local news station had clear HD video available to them of this play, they choose to show
the most blurry replay possible. Why? Because it’s obvious even to a novice player
that this was the right call by the third base umpire. No one could argue it wasn’t the right call.

100 thoughts on “Horrible ending to LLWS baseball game Season ending mistake in semifinals

  1. Absolutely the right call. I have made the call several times as a LL ump. As an umpire, I always took an proactive role in teaching the coaches the rules during the regular season, which I called the preseason. Just in case they reached this level, they wouldn't make stupid mistakes like this one. I wouldn't doubt the coach was telling the kid to go, and the kid was hesitating, so a gentle push was needed to get the kid to move. I've seen that too. Too bad a coach's error cost the season.

  2. Great call by the umpire,you would think coaches that advance in a state tournament would know the rules,I guess there adrenaline is running too high,very costly mistake

  3. Of course, any comment in regards to the 3rd baseman looking at the Ump, and calling clearly for time with his hands up before the play transpired??

  4. Very weak. You reward the team that completely screwed up the inning by making that call. You just put the kid back and let the teams settle it. Poor judgment by the ump.

  5. Very weak. You reward the team that completely screwed up the inning by making that call. You just put the kid back and let the teams settle it. Poor judgment by the ump.

  6. Thats part of the game nothing heartbreaking about it.It sux but this is just part of it.Life is like this and kids should learn lessons from sports to prepare them for the things that life will throw at them and as u can see somestimes its a curveball and if ur not prepared and keep ur hands and weight back not only do u strike out but u lose the game.

  7. did she say the mistake "costed' them big? Now we have TV people that can't speak English? jeez. someone should throw her out.

  8. The ump waited for that which is the wrong thing to do they asked for time and he should have given it to them not waiting for that play

  9. Nice job by the news team to use blurry cell phone footage so viewers can't see the coach physically tap the kid twice, then physically push him so hard his back bends backwards. If they had used clear footage it might not have looked so good for the coach.

  10. Rodriguez should have never raised both his arms in this call. The ball is not live at that point. Get it right at this level!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. That was the right call.. unfortunately the coach cost them that game. We actually had a similar situation where the coach interfered with the game and the player was called out. Sorry for Washington, they lost because of the coach. He needs to read the rule book.

  12. the batting team should of lost. due to called time plus even if not 3rd base coach touching 3rd baseball. telling him to run. interference on 3rd coach. wrong call… 100%

  13. The narrator reads the rule, stating it is the judgement of the umpire. So that’s what happened. Why the Zapruder film treatment then?

  14. If you interpret the rule literally, you can argue the 3rd base coach did NOT touch and/or hold the runner. Does the rule extend to mean touching the runners uniform as well? If so, why didn't they word it that way?

  15. Not saying it wasn't the right call but DAMN… The other team asked for time out. The kid even had his arms up. Sure the coach pushed the runner a little but these are 11 and 12 year old kids. The ump could have said time out was granted and sent the runner back to 3rd. NOBODY would have been upset. Then let the play continue to see what happens. To end it that way was horrible. Right call but call time out when the other team was asking…..JMO

  16. NOT THE CORRECT CALL!!!!! What is the intent of the rule? What is the umpires job once the play has stopped? What should the umpire be expecting or looking for during a routine end of play? First, the intent of the rule is to prevent a coach help or assist a player THAT HAS FALLEN OR NEEDS TO BE RE-DIRECTED during a live play and it benefits an advancing runner. The rule wasn't meant to punish a coach who taps a kid on the belt to get his attention! Secondly, once the play has stopped, a GOOD VETERAN umpire knows how to manage situations. Realizing the play has ended and players are returning to positions, a GOOD VETERAN umpire should've called timeout especially when a player is standing directly in front of you with both hands up in the air which is the universal signal for TIMEOUT! I really think the entire crew dropped the ball and are responsible as well. Of the six umpires working the game, somebody had to have seen the player call timeout and then brought the crew together to discuss it, get it right and let the players decide the overall outcome and an exciting one at that.

  17. I have never heard of this rule and I’m serious. Don’t make fun of me when I ask what exactly the coach did that was wrong. Too me, I didn’t see time awarded therefore the run should count but again I don’t see how the runner is out

  18. He more then touched him. He touched him a few times & finally nudged him off the base to get him started to home base. Umpire 100% right call here. Coach cost them the game. As a coach he should know the rules.

  19. Well, coach blew it. By touching him, he got his attention faster, gave him a little push. If time was out, fine.18 yrs umpired everything hardball. 1,031 baseball games. Semi pro to L.L. www.facebook.com/arizonaumpires

  20. Coach tried to pull a fast one on the other team and it backfired badly. I feel terrible for the kids but I hope this guy learned a valuable lesson.

    In Little League, I ALWAYS hated teams that tried to exploit every little technical advantage. Like one time one of my teammates was taking too long to get his jacket off. It was his turn to bat. The ump gave the nod to the pitcher to go ahead and start pitching. And thus strikes were being called without the batter even being in the box. Come on, really?! You can't wait a few more seconds for a kid to get his jacket off?

  21. I'd have to disagree with that call. The runner was not physically assisted in any way. He stood there. The base coach got the runner's attention. So what. Bad call. Maybe if the coach pushed him towards home that might have been interference. I wouldn't disagree with that. The umpires are volunteers and most of the time do a very good job. This was over-officiating. Should have been protested and over-turned.

  22. Some umpire calls involve no opinion — fair ball or foul, etc. — some do involve an opinion by the umpire. Did the coach physically assist the runner in advancing? This umpire's opinion was yes and the umpire can make that call, so the runner was out for the 3rd and final out. Personally, I wouldn't call this coach for physically assisting the runner. I'd let the kids decide who wins.

  23. I fee so bad for the coach/ dad he such a a great dad dont feel bad your son and them kids lucky to have you in their life

  24. It's a shitty call to have to make and a horrible way for the kids to end the game but it's the 100% right call! Of course it's assistance, because he couldn't get his attention he used tapping him on the butt multiple times towards the plate to ASSIST his runner to know to go home!

  25. For a coach to have serious aspirations of reaching his 13U team to the LLWS, he sure doesn't know the rules that well.

  26. Tonight's softball game was a force out at second the defensive was leaving the field with two outs. The first base coach pushed his runner to run I yelled dead ball runner out coachs interference she would have been on third

  27. Dumb woman reporter: "Coaches make a 'small' mistake that costed them big…." Small mistake woman? That was a HUUUGGEE MISTAKE, and it wasn't by 'coaches.'!" And, never heard of the word "costed." I have to say, today's news readers have no clue. They hold their little white piece of paper and think they're smart. Furthermore this woman's attire is as if she's going to the local pick up joint. Disgusting. Journalism is dead.

  28. I remember as a 10 year old coaching 3rd base I did that on a home run. It cost us the game. I simply didn’t know that rule. It had no bearing on the runner making it home…..but it was the rule. As an adult here, the coach probably should have known the rule. He did own up to it. How could he not it was on tape. It’s not the way you want to see a game like that end. You just wish someone would have called time out first.

  29. As an umpire for 30 years and have umpire almost every level of ball. That is the correct call. You can not touch a player while the ball is live otherwise the runner is OUT!!! Good call by third base ump. Heartbreaking 💔 lost as it was the third out that ended their season got feel 😥 for the boys.

  30. As a softball coach I have done this once. I had a player slide into third, and with the ball still in the third basemen's glove came over towards me and off the bag. I institutionally gave her a little push back towards the bag. I knew as soon as I did it that she would be called out. Luckily it was not a close ball game, but I will never do that again, so glad I made the mistake at the JV level.

  31. Not the point the of the video …but at 2:19 – just tag the runner. Instead, the third basement did every he could to avoid contact.

  32. Another example of a coach having to win at any cost,  eve if it means showing no Integrity to the young boys he is unfortunately coaching. Good Job coach, Way to rob the kids of a possible trip to the world series, A once in a life time event for the boys. You idiot!!!!

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