[HOT CLIPS] JONGKOOK Cursed Hide-and-seek (ENG SUB)

(Anxious as soon as he starts) I even laugh at a small thing… And you have a smile face Oh, I’m going crazy. Basically you have a smile on your face … But there’s not much to hide Maybe like here… Oh, somebody’s here! Oh yeah Oh, somebody’s here! (Naeun’s hiding under the desk) (Crisis has come as soon as it started) Why? Is there somebody? How do I move …? Is there someboy? (That moment!) (Suddenly the music…?) (God thanks TT) (Jaesuk & Nahee moving toward the music) I think I’ll laugh at this music. Nahee, I think I’m already laughing? Endure! I’m not going to laugh I’ll slap in my face if it’s funny (With the sticky melo background music…) (Jaundice couple) (A passionate melodrama) (Jaseok & Nahee failed at unexpected makeup) (That way?) Hey, are you going to do like this? (BLUE team’s hidden card, ‘Ghost’) (‘Yellow’ Ghost) You know what? I did expected, but I couldn’t stop laughing Will you do like this hard? Music is a cheat! Will you play the music and do this? (It’s worthy to make up) You two go out and shouldn’t give any information. Bro, don’t tell! Nahee, I just broke down when I heard the music I did expect that No, but even if you didn’t laugh… -Do you think you would have?
– Yeah I was almost crying (After a something large scale has gone) (A reality-facing moment for those who left) Kwangsoo.. Please tell Kwangsoo to come back Kwangsoo, the youngest members are doing so hard Come quickly I painted my face for your absence Please comeback It was for you and me But Somin did it because you’re not here (We miss Kwangsoo for the most today) (I found out that spring has come after the flowers were gone …) I miss you, bro. Are you done already? This early?! No way! What? (Still can’t get out of the moment) Already … laughing again? Why are you laughing!? You did nothing! Still laughing, you’re still laughing! (What made you laugh?) This is very expected Yeah, it’s funny eventhough it’s expected. You have to be prepared Wait, Jihyo Slap each other (Making-angry Operation Okay?) (Ready, bro?) (slap lightly) (Hard!) (Laugh comes out at strong cheer) Oh, it’s funnier! I can’t stop laughing! We only have 20 minutes. (Did I hit so hard?) Nice, Jihyo Give me a punch at my stomache -Really hard?
-Get me upset! Oh, you wanna get upset? Please open here (Ugh!) (Strikes) (Is it too hard…?) How dare you hit my bladder…! Nahee never go easy Okay, I’m a little bit upset now Thank you, Nahee Okay, Let’s go! Are they hiding? Oh, we have to find them I thought they have disguised into a staff… Isn’t it here? No, he’s a real staff. Here you are! It’s a surprise (Found Jongkook hidden behind the pillar!) (Peekaboo!) Are you Annabelle? (Seokjin found Jongkook but couldn’t help laughing) Oh, bro!
(Why are you laughing?) You … why are you doing this? Isn’t it cute? I had an eye contact with it I got attacked by Jongkook! (Failed before seeing the Yellow ‘Ghost’) (Baby, we made it) Now, Haha! your turn Why can’t you stand this? -You can stand it!
-Alone! You can make it Let’s Go! It’s 5 points if you find all! Oh wait! Why am I laughing already? Jihyo, slap my face, please I can’t stop laughing Go to Nahee, then It’s funny when hit by Jihyo, and angry when hit by Nahee He was really angry Please hit the back of my head! With the sound (Kind Nahee, how about this time…?) (Huh?!) (Prescription complete) (Perfect sound delivery as ordered) -Are you angry?
-Nahee hits for real! I thought my stomach is breaking down Did you hit it with your palm? Nice Nahee! Nahee makes it taste good! She knows how to hit -Nahee!
-You know how to hit (Haha found Yura right away without laughing) What’s so funny? (But knocked down at Yellow ‘Ghost’) Hey! You nuts! (Can’t help laughing) Ugh it’s frustrating! (Blue team has finished defending!)

100 thoughts on “[HOT CLIPS] JONGKOOK Cursed Hide-and-seek (ENG SUB)

  1. 4:18😁peekaboo😂lol his expression killed me😂so cute 🐯KOOKIE but also scary at same time😂4:36😁he love baby the way 🐯carry n play with the baby soo cute😁❤❤🐯🔥🔥

  2. There is so many parts of this episode that you'll miss kwangsoo's comical genius :< get well soon oppa! 💪🏻

  3. This episode was one of the funniest episode for a while.
    Imagine Kwangsoo doing that with Sechan would be Hella funny

    Please comeback even stronger, Kwangsoo

  4. Aww Maknae line so cute missing their leader. Remember Kwangsoo said to the maknae line few episodes back "Have you ever treat me as big bro?". 😂 They're super close

  5. Is it just me?y does d show seems to be not fun at all….maybe i just miss lee kwang soo🥺🥺🥺🥺

  6. Somin is really a queen of variety show. She's really funny as usual. It's hard to do that scene tho. But she's just comfortable to do it with Sechan even she has the chance to do it with Tae Oh. Jeon Somin jjangggg!!!!

  7. Most people in the comment here saying the show is boring without Kwang Soo. Let's just appreciate how hard the rest of the members worked to cover his absence. Then imagine this, will you think this show will still be entertaining and funny if Kwang Soo still in the show while the others got switched by different casts? For me, No. Every member has their own style and charm to live up this show. If they can support each other, then so can we. So, please just respect each member. And of course I will pray for Kwang Soo to get better soon

  8. Can't stop laughing when Ji hyo appear as she dance… Her face expressions make me laugh so hard.. Hahaha…
    Get well soon Kwang soo.. 😇

  9. KJK sitting with the baby even after his shot was so cute like the way he was holding the baby you could see he is ready to be a dad ❤ Somin and Sechan doing the scene from the movie ghost got me cracking up good 😂

  10. i love how they were constantly mentioning kwangsoo throughout this episode. his absence was evident but they all did good to fill in for him. i hope he'll recover and return soon

  11. i miss kwangsoo, the maknae line is truly working hard to still make the episode entertaining even w/o their leader. i love rm 🥺

  12. SM needs to trust SC in things like this (he is a comedian after all). She kept complaining when he was doing the makeup but ultimately what they did was killer. SC knew exactly how to use the "loveline" with SM to make the others laugh. I was shocked into laughing too (for the first time in quite a while).

  13. I absolutely loved KJK cosplaying as his future wife with his future child. Dont think Mama Kook feels the same tho.

  14. I miss kwangsoo already. Wishing him a speedy recovery ! Anyway i realized the last two episodes jongkook and jihyo were like cold to each other. Jongkook didnt even react when everyone else is talking about jihyo. Did something happened ?

  15. we can see how empty the members felt without kwangsoo,and to be truth this ep was funny and feel sad how members mention him in every game. especially jaesuk trying his best and we know he miss bullying kwngsoo and make fun of him. hope you came bck soon!

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