Hello, this is Yoon Taku’s hobby I’m going to shoot the first video today For men’s favorite hobby-related content I’d like to run a channel at I am a figure collection, travel, Movie I have hobbies like that I introduce my favorite hobby to you I hope you can communicate and enjoy together Actually, I like Star Wars very much HOTTOYS PRODUCT WITH 12-inch FIGURES The content I prepared today is I’d like to introduce you to HotToys Luke Skywalker Star Wars 6 The Return of the Jedi was released in December, 2019 The shipment from Korea began in February If you buy from abroad You can get it quickly AS, plus duty added tax, will be expensive I use a local shop I brought a box of Model Number MMS 517 MMS stands for the Movie Master Peace series 517 is the 517th in the MMS series 517 is the 517th in the MMS series The price of is 270,000 won for the regular version Deluxe version is 315,000 won Used prices seem to be going down little by little I bought a deluxe version The reason is a desert cape It contains etc parts Deluxe version ready Let’s start the review look at the box, there’s Luke Deluxe Version Mark Star Wars logo And you can see that you’re wearing a cape There are three versions of this planet The back is simple Star Wars logo and Luke Skywalker Deluxe Version MMS 517 Blaster 1F has hand parts. have a battery, too A battery is a battery that goes into the light saber Two heads, a helmet, a cape, a light saber, a gun Diorama base, stand, clothes I’ll check upstairs It contains a slightly angry head GloveHand There’s a hand with no gloves on The action figure shows a ball joint I want you to make my clothes longer That’s fine Head facing right I think the facial features are really good helmet Weathering is good Goggles Desert cape Light Saber LightSaber Like Swing a Sword with guns The gun is not loaded A hand holding a fist Hand used to hold a pistol Broken Hand Hand holding fists Hand to hold LightSaber open hand An angry look If you open the cape, it’s a prick You can take it off Some kind of bag with a belt Hook for LightSaber The top part of the helmet is made of cloth There is a groove in the chin strap which can be fitted Hand holding integral light saber I can put the battery in You can jump into a round groove The Star Wars figure is really bad It’s really hard to replace my arm Like a UFC fighting arm bar break the joint put a arm There’s a risk of So I don’t replace Please be careful I want to show the utilization,
but the camera is out of focus I’m sorry The Star Wars figure does not have many fandoms in Korea It doesn’t get a big premium or anything For the original series, it’s been a while It may be hard to get it in Korea You can buy it from an overseas site Tariffs and Shipping Fee Are Too Expensive I recommend that you make a reservation at the domestic store One of the reasons why I like hottoys is There’s also a good quality head form and clothing It’s well expressed for the movie’s history That I can direct a scene from a movie with my own hands I think action figures are the biggest advantage Today, I reviewed Luke Skywalker from Hot Toys. I introduced you to Because there are so many Star Wars figures It’s hard to collect all of them Look at the figures I review I hope you buy what you like If you have any Star Wars figure you would like to see Please leave a comment for This has been Yoon Taku See you later! Bye~

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