What is going on every welcome back to another video today? [we’ll] do the [one-man] honey tea challenge with Patrick from Spongebob, and with savage ship go check out his video guys We did a video on his channel and check out guide link is in the description will guide Let’s Smash that like button guys. I want to $15 [I] feel I know I told you guys what we’re going to do fox you next but I’m still way too afraid to go Back to that once itself so 15,000 like on this video, and I will do possibly eventually so I’m super stoked with you, I For such as video guys merch is out. Look at this guys if you want that I love overnight challenge shirt go and get that at in limited time shirt. Also. He’s wearing the Dragon and below all those works if you kind of looks like a Batman shirt doesn’t it does we accepted the Dragons because what’s a bat anyways right? We are going man King fine We blow fire guy, so go and get your merch right now link is in the description below I will give shouts to every single person [who] buys merch you guys [clicked] on this video because you want to see Patrick You want to see us do the [one-man] [Hide-And-seek] challenge with Patrick from SpongeBob now? Maybe we’ll do Spongebob, and that’s hopefully but I actually couldn’t find Spongebob So we decide the it Patrick is a patrick is one of my favorite characters from swan hey guys What is your favorite character from Sponge Bob Sandy? [Spongebob] Mr.. Squidward would you very great Spongebob himself so I’d say yeah? Definitely face 102. He’s like Adhd Kinda reminds me of myself. I don’t say [alright] so there’s going to be a couple steps in this video that I’m actually going to skip on actually filming because for some reasons YouTube Keeps blocking all the ads on my videos because doesn’t think it’s ad friendly and so that’s basically the part where I put Our Patrick for the one-man [Hina] [seek]. I’m going to skip all that and I’m going to leave the steps in the actual description in case you guys want to know what the steps are but not the show [down] in camera, we’re going to skip that part and get right to the actual video because This is a this is a very family-friendly video right? We’re just playing hide-And-seek with Patrick from SpongeBob how Family-Friendly can it get right? So that’s what we’re going to do as we’re playing hide-And-seek with Patrick. So here we go our guy, so we fixed up Patrick He’s ready to play hide and seek with us and he looks pretty happy He’s just chilling inside the bathtub [only] [thing] [to] do now is actually what we need to do is Need to put some water because Patrick only comes to life Under water isn’t that right that [is] we’re gonna create [a] laundry. I’m gonna create a nice watery environment you Go ahead and do the understood And we also turn off the lights all around the house right now turning off the light keep that water going the man and she [lights] are off here [my] [time] [is] here itself light in the kitchen [quill] click there We go [little] more light all right Perfect, okay turn off my lights. He’s lying is he who Looks pretty happy though that is literally falling without the body bailiff quickly Spin. It stand like a fish burger. Oh Oh, we put more water for more There we go older looks pretty Cool now make it official. Oh Very colors, [so] [low] one like should we use guys let me know what lay you guys like the most here’s [amount] [of] [light] this weird light Just like still right life It’s pretty scarce [among] [them] that is that there we go. How do you not be a fight? Who do you think that’s good you can see? What’s happening? Okay Alright, so now that we have here hopeless [I] Got now that we have Patrick inside the water What we have to do is when we are [together] [my] name is name is Patrick, and so we have to see [tiger] at three times, and then we’re going to go on hide Don’t you’re a guy. Yes, okay? Tiger [attack] your head to add your husband Good So yeah, so it is hydrating oh Yeah, this is [either] here. I mean it shouldn’t are not going to work it away But okay guys, so what we’re gonna do right now is for cleaning But it’s love of a night challenge is gone by your shoe, right? But so we’re hiding here, you know I? Don’t hear anything nothing Which is bad in silence and actually freaking me out. Hey if you haven’t seen the video we did or we did own a bread challenge without [sub] and So the reasonable back here guys is because we didn’t really end the challenge poppins it kind of messed up Yeah, a lot of the [guys] [city] thought also going around I didn’t really know [it] said, but When I watched the footage I saw a pretty weird stuff like the fridge I was reading I was reading the comment and then never got to read all your comments like the fridge that was pretty freaky We are you saw the footage and we freaked out. I think maybe like it’s an old fridge So maybe just open dude yeah, I don’t know what it is, but that was pretty freaky so yeah, I was it Chris. Yeah And you guys had the clock was like acting weird. I’m like great that this one was pretty weird [I’m] [dennis] earlier, Jennifer, and we’re going to chile for because It’s cracking yes And we’re just back with you later. Don’t Kill your coach exactly yeah last I haven’t heard anything Like you didn’t want man, but I [did] [my] guess he’s in water, so when you’re more you can I get to just float around I can almost hear Modern. Oh So a little play anything happen to panic so shh? Do you think I are dead excuse me root palace? Was your door closed. I don’t remember [on] the [column] [we’ll] open [it]. You haven’t open it click Holly holm, oh Jake I didn’t know. [oh] [man]. Is it closed did you close it no? Kids nothing there. [I] think we’re just wrapping up see we’re just ripping up. Oh Whoa what there’s a puddle of water here what? Was before what? Why is it wet? [sorry], dad. I saw you My God, I hear something. What is that? Sounds like water You’re using [magically]. I think you are a thought, but what’s the ball? Guys the water is a little bit what I know I don’t know When I was pretty good distracted here’s enough [Km] [about] you [from] carefully Because you’re gonna go check on Patrick like the wires Conferees in non-exempt Still here look at them The thing that happened, it’s just chili [I] Don’t know do you think he actually moved maybe I saw go maybe won’t were in that bedroom But I feel like we can adjust I Mean the water was definitely all right the water was on and there’s a problem on that true. Yeah Let’s go check this room. Will you check this room? Yeah? Me neither like there’s literally nothing and What did it Elsa Elsa I came back, shh? [sound] [like] nobody Thought I heard something I’ll could be the train from the future it is the dream. I think [is] the dream [oh], yes, probably just the kitchen because the water was on right yeah Why should we do? And I should like [a] water bottle there. Yeah, nothing moved off having moved not to me but Patrick simple welcome proficient with you behind Joey naps all with me right [now] or either sure yes, all let’s go get some Glass I mean there’s a massive noise. All my time Did you brief something? What’s going on? The bathroom besides? I think it’s the back what Patrick’s not there. He’s got a number boys magic a winter when oh My God, I’m watching Hey, homie, go check we’ve solved. What is terrifying run on my [Johnson] [Camp]? oh Why is that? Oh? my mother Okay, my bad [uh] you going Yeah, whispering whispering What what are they doing? Don’t touch it. What is he doing [here] that I don’t want to touch it well, there’s a noise coming Capisce I Don’t know I hear something [was] [there] water dripping That noise. Do you usually? You are you asking something shh the water? Sounds like water. I think is it raining? Sounds like rain. Whatever. It is not water. Is that not right tip water? Although by those me tells me. Oh my God. I think it shh Those coming from over there. Why is there light in the living room? [I] don’t know there is never late there, shh? Hello. Oh my God like [why] [get] [away] [console] [scaring] this again. Oh Buzz illusion, but there’s something on the TV. [oh] My god or I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this again. We need to end the screen now I can’t do this, and I can’t do either [cause] it’s getting too much versus nice [ones] [what]? For [bother] [selected] [points]. That’s like the freakiest thing I ever Saw guys the worst thing I’ve ever had is when you in fact, I’d rather Patrick Come out to play Turn it on soon. We were young. We would way with new it I Think we’d be in a way when we found him, so everything like if stan that was way too much That was way too much. [I] can’t select a TV literally went on crazy guys the TV Are you know I know it’s always me. Stop stop. Sorry stop shooting me out. It’s over as a TV is literally a Go check [it]. Yeah, the TV literally turn on that sigma one of my worst fears Okay, it’s off now, and then what would you hold? I’m that’s pretty weird Everything seems to be normal now. Can you turn [off] my phone you had turn always on another? Yeah, we can do this side ok guys, so [we] officially ended the Hide and seek with Patrick that was hiding the classic Basically dixie [yammering] I feel like if we kept doing this the house would [have] been completely flooded like everything’s just turning on like water for no reason it’s Pretty weird, that’s crazy, so I don’t know guys I would not suggest [you] go through [this] unless you want your basement to be flooded with water Or something because that was a very intense Make sure you guys go and check out savage ship We did have been on his channel go and check out guys link is in the description below guys also don’t forget to subscribe Turn on post notifications Follow me on Snapchat and Instagram and Twitter if you want a shout out I usually give shout outs in every single video But I’m extremely tired now so no shallots for this video. Bye promise. I drew shots on every Single V I just wanna [calm] and sleeps like 5 6 [a.m.]. [right] now so And I’m thinking the reveals fall asleep without Taking like I kind of want to go to your home [and] sleep. I can’t sleep yeah you wanna Just kind of [like] I don’t think doing back Just get a little sleep in this place like there isn’t weird stuff happening ever since [infidelity]. I’m now like the pleasure from [yeah] No, there’s no way. We ended it. We ended it together, so Thank you for watching all this world TV. Let me know what you guys want to see next [I] will [go] back [to] the haunted house in to fox [you] guys really want me to do But I really don’t want to do it for now kind of scared to do it, but if you guys enjoyed this video Smash that like button, and I’ll see you guys next


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