House Infested With Hundreds Of Bats *Goosebumps* | Kritter Klub

Haunted house They’re flying! Caught one Who are you? A BAT spreads its wings This is my bat face Don’t come back But wait.. There’s more? In every corner of the house Catches them one by one Missed me, yet? I kept the windows closed How did they get in? Bat feces.. *Goosebumps* Is that how they get in? Let’s see for ourselves Countless bats Day and night How many are there? Calls in the bat expert aka Batman There are a couple hundred Say what? There are a lot of cracks Let’s get a better look with an endoscope camera Landlord : This house is 17 years old I thought they’d just come, and go away I didn’t think they would settle here Man vs Wild Bat mop-up operation We’ve caught about 200 already 200 bats in one house.. Goodbye~ (forever, hopefully) They were sent to a nice, deserted house

11 thoughts on “House Infested With Hundreds Of Bats *Goosebumps* | Kritter Klub

  1. I found a baby bat that was hurt and in a place that ppl would step on him and hurt him I kept him until he got bigger and stronger…then had to set him free…..

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  3. My house is 17 yrs old too!😊 But I only get spiders mostly in the summer, sometimes some ants but in my yard I have rabbitsπŸ’•

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