How a Bowling Alley Works

How a bowling alley works. First, the player rolls the ball down the lane. Toward the end of the lane, it breaks an
infrared sensor, which initiates the pinsetter control unit. Whoa! It looks like our computer has crashed. We’ll have her back up and running in no time! Okay. It looks like we’re back online. “Windows XP Boot Sound” After the ball breaks the infrared sensor, it
finishes by knocking down a number of pins. The sweep is lowered to protect the pinsetter from any late arriving balls. A scanner camera snaps a photo to see
which pins are standing and which are knocked over. This information is sent to the automatic scoring system. The photo also lets the pinsetter know which pins it will need to pick up. The sweep pushes any remaining pins into the ball pit and the standing pins are replaced onto the ball pit. And the standing pins are replaced onto the deck, and ready for the next round. A conveyor belt in the ball pit moves the pins under a divider. The ball however, is too large to fit under the divider and therefore rolls into a hole
and out of the ball pit. Another conveyor belt accelerates the ball up a ramp, and is returned to the player using gravity by way of a track system under the alley. While the ball is being returned, the
pins fall into a pin elevator wheel and are brought up to another conveyor belt that transports them to the pin distributor. Once all the pins have been loaded into
the distributor and the player has rolled the second ball, the pins are
dropped into the pin table which lowers down at the start of the next player’s
round. Created by Matt Rittman Logo & Scorecard Design by Jordan Miller Special thanks to 3DKiwi

100 thoughts on “How a Bowling Alley Works

  1. I work on Brunswick GS-X machines, it’s cool to see something completely different that accomplished the same goal.

  2. Where does the German Garfield brandishing a guitar made up of Odie’s flesh that only appears on 12:23am on a Monday night to mentally and physically harm Jon come into play in this contraption?

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    وهذا الفيديو من 2008 وانا اول مرة في حياتي اعرف من هذا الفيديو كيف يعمل جهاز البولينج!!!!😨😨😱😱😲😲!!!!

  4. Who the fuck cares how a fucking bowling alley fucking works. Tell me how a fucking abrams tank fucking works. Thank you fucking much.

  5. At the bowling alley I go to the pins have strings attached to them so some are lifted up for the second try

  6. No wonder bowling is so damn expensive…that set up looks to be very costly and then there is one on each lane 😲

  7. If you lather yourself up in baby oil and slide down a bowling lane you can meet God, but only on a Tuesday.

  8. >watching a video where people are bowling
    >wonders why we use tiny bowling balls in Canada or at least Nova Scotia
    >googles, learns that I have only played "candlepin"
    >learns that that is not just regular bowling with different pins and balls
    >reads "the downed pins are not cleared away between balls during a player's turn."
    >this implies that they are cleared between balls in normal bowling.
    >??? how??? wouldn't it knock over all the standing pins
    >googles, finds this video
    >this seems much more technologically advanced than what happens in our bowling allies.
    we just push a button at the end of our turn and it sweeps everything down the hole that hasn't already fallen down there
    at least where I've been

    also why is this video so popular with the japanese 何でもこんなにたくさん日本人がいる?

  9. this is so fake the pin automatically goes to a trash dump and new pins are made in a factory and robot arms bring the new pins down

  10. One time on Tom and Jerry, Jerry ended up sliding down the lane, knocking all the pins down, and getting formed into the shape of a pin and set down on the lane. Is that possible? Is it against the rules?

  11. I remember when I was little, I went bowling and picked up a bowling ball that was way too heavy for me and I didnt let go of the ball in time then fell and slipped all down the alley…That night I had a nightmare where I was at the same place and didnt survive, so I fell into the pin pit and woke up screaming.

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