How Baseball and Golf Swings are Similar

(upbeat music) -: We’re talkin’ about is ex-baseball players. They don’t even have to be ex-baseball players, even baseball players now, the swings are so much alike that people really don’t pay attention. Is what we’re talkin’ about is in baseball, they stay behind the ball as they hit. Same thing in golf. Is all it is is you bend at the waist and I am staying behind the shot as I follow through. So, the swings are so much similar. All you’re doin’ is taking your body, bending at the waist, and take the same swing. From here, to here. All it is is the difference of standing straight up or bending at the waist and using your head as the pivot point. So everything flows around the head. The head doesn’t move till after you’ve hit the ball as you come up.

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