How do boxers qualify for the Olympics? | Tokyo 2020

Boxers dream of becoming Olympic champion. So I’m here to tell you just how they can qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Two hundred and eighty six boxers will travel to Japan next July, 13 will be crowned Olympic champion. Eight men and five women. Tokyo 2020 will see the men competing across eight weight categories. The flyweight category, the feather and the lightweight category. Now these weight categories are different to previous games. Then we have the regular welterweight, middleweight, light heavy, heavy and of course, the super heavy. For the first time in Olympic history, there’ll be five weight categories for the women. This is seen participation increased from 36 at previous games to 100 in Tokyo. We’ll see them competing in the flyweight, lightweight and middleweight, as well as in two new weight categories. The featherweight and the welterweight. Only one athlete per country can qualify for each of the 13 events. And I have to point out that that athlete sport is specifically theirs. You earn it, you get it. No substitutions in boxing. So let’s take a look at how the two hundred eighty six athletes from around the world can earn their spot at the Olympics. A series of four continental Olympic qualifying events will be held in 2020, starting with Asia & Oceania, then Africa, followed by Europe and the Americas. After all that, there will be a final chance to qualify through the World Olympic qualifying tournament. Japanese boxing fans will be happy to hear that as hosts, they are given up to six spots in selected weight categories four forr the men and two for the women. There are also five male and three female tripartite commission invitations available now. These are for countries that are unlikely to qualify, but can apply for a spot to compete to encourage inclusion and diversity in the sport. The four continental qualifying events offer a chance for a select number of boxers to qualify in their respective weight categories. The world’s qualification tournament will fill up the remaining places up to taking into account the host country and tripartite allocation spots. So that’s how the hundred eighty six men and one hundred women can book their ticket to Tokyo 2020. Now who will be crowned Olympic champion and walk away with that gold medal?

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  1. AIBA is corrupt so the Olympics is running the boxing event themselves but need to watch out for some corrupt judges and referees slipping into the spots.

  2. I am not a big fan of this sport. Boxers being rough in the arena has sometimes translated into them being rough in real life. Some of them like Connor Mcgregor were being racist as well. And boxers are like robots, they don't show emotions if they kill somebody. Is the aim of boxing to injure or kill your opponent?

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