How Every Football Fan Reacted to Leo Messi Winning the Ballon d’Or

Messi should win the Ballon d’Or. He’s the best player in the world. 4-0. People forget about that? I don’t blame the Liverpool loss on Messi. You can’t play every position! Neymar would have won if he didn’t get injured. No player dribbled past Van Dijk in the Premier League, or the Champions League! Neymar wouldn’t have gotten injured if he didn’t try to transfer. Who cares if you can’t dribble past him? He can’t even win the Premier League! If one player would have scored one goal… I’d rather have the Premier League trophy than a Ballon d’Or winner. As long as a Liverpool player doesn’t win it. Ballon d’Or cursed Luka Modric. I hope Messi does win so he gets cursed, too! People need to start respecting Lewandowski. Champions League success matters. Ballon d’Or is an individual award! Four to zero. Lewandowski’s scored more than Messi! Ronaldo did score a hat-trick in an international semi-final. Best FIFA Men’s Player. Won the European Golden Shoe. 36 goals in La Liga. UEFA MVP. Highest duel-win rate. I would give it to Sadio Mane before I give it to Messi. People hate on Ronaldo because he’s successful. Ronaldo beat Van Dijk in the UEFA Nations League. It doesn’t matter that Ronaldo didn’t score, he contributed. Messi’s the best player in La Liga. He’s the best player in the world! If Messi doesn’t win, they shouldn’t even have the award any more. Strikers always win. Defence wins championships. Except in the Premier League. If Van Dijk doesn’t win the award, the award is biased. They’re already reporting Messi’s gonna win. That’s six, baby! Ronaldo fans gonna be sick. If Ronaldo doesn’t win, it should be Van Dijk. It shouldn’t be Messi, that’s all I’m saying. Lewandowski’s always underrated! Van Dijk is winning! Messi is winning! Messi won, let’s go! Are you kidding me? Messi won? This is some bull! Van Dijk should have won! This award doesn’t matter any more. I don’t even care about this award any more. I knew Messi was gonna win. He’s the GOAT. I just wanna be good again.

100 thoughts on “How Every Football Fan Reacted to Leo Messi Winning the Ballon d’Or

  1. Messi was the deserver winner and not Van Djik. Van Djik always had Allison, Matip, Trent and Robertson with him to step up in defence. And the fact that he was undribbled, it was because he went for fewer tackles than even Laporte and Matip in Premier League. Less trying means less chance of failing, right??

  2. I don't know why but Americans talking about football just makes me laugh. It just seems unnatural and like they trying too hard. Lol not hating just seems that way.

  3. Should’ve also added Madrid fans defending Ronaldo to win. Even though he left Madrid in such a bad way, they still defend him like a God.

  4. Ask Messi and Van Dijk which award they would rather win- the Ballon D’or, or a Champions League winners medal? I think the answer to that sums it up.

  5. As a Madrid fun we didn’t even watch the event 😂😂😂 coz we knew from the beginning we had the worst season

  6. They always do dirty with Man Utd
    Last time: the more money we spend the more worse we get
    This time: I just wanna be good again

  7. Video is super good.But what took me out was the end , “ I just wanna be good again” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Gotta say this is super accurate and hilarious. But as a Liverpool fan, you cant hate on the Messi decision. I can disagree, but man, I cant truly argue against it.

  9. 6 times! Wow!!!…… wait where have I seen that number before????? Oh that's right it was last year when Liverpool won their 6th Champions' League because we had Van Dijk.

  10. If you are a Messi fan… You would love this Messi as Iron man and you can guess who is Thanos

  11. Goattttttttt viva la Messi. Ronaldo shouldn’t have been mentioned. The only reason ronaldo was is Bc if not FIFA would be hated and that’s not what they want. Mane was robbed of third

  12. Apart From the Funny Side of this Video.
    Pure Robbersss. Messi only have Laliga and More Goals in this last season. Fail to win Copa Del Ray. Fail to qualify for Semis of UCL………..
    Cr7 win Seire A , Copa Italia , Uefa NL , Leading GS in Seire A, Score More Goals for His team In UCL…….. Help his team in Uefa NL.Now if you really Have A Knowledge about Football and Really know What Ballon D'or is For It Should be Ronaldo who gets it.#DidNotDeserveThis #BallonDor #CR7 #Messi

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