How I Learned the ICE HOCKEY STOP on Inline Skates

The Ice Hockey Stop … on Inline Skates MY STORY Last summer .. my hockey stop was … not
quite perfect. On ice I could do it, no problem, but on inline
skates, well… I though maybe a wet surface would do the
trick but .. no … no! Soon I realized that to do a power stop on
inline skates you need a completely different approach. Make a sharp turn, put weight through the
heel or third wheel, lose grip and … there you have it .. a slide. It works very well on inline skates, but technically
it’s a completely different stop. Back on ice .. after getting used to rollerblade
stops .. I couldn’t stop at all. It was only after a few hours of ice time,
that I got used to the ice hockey stop. This made me very curious about why inline
and ice stops are so different and I made several videos about it. I tried to analyze what I did right / what
I did wrong, what the differences are, experiment and prepare myself for when I’m back on wheels
again. One thing I really focused on was controlling
my balance point on the blade. Like here, I do hockey stops on the heel – which
normally is considered a bad idea – but this is exactly what I need for inline
skating. THE INLINE HOCKEY STOP So I told myself today – let’s pretend I’m
on ice. Do a hockey stop … but make it more of a
heel stop. Not like completely on the heel as I did on
ice, but more like the third wheel. First few tries … not a big success … but
I did try on my weak side. On my strong side … first two tries … not
that good either. But the thrid … pretty good. And the fourth … yeah .. I realized it works! It works! And then I repeated again again again A few more times .. ough … it’s what I feared. The front wheel gripped which caused a nasty
rotation. It does look worse than it was .. thankfully
.. and I did know this risk beforehand that’s why I was so focused on pushing through
the heels and not have the balance too far toward the toes. On ice hockey, on the other hand, you do normally
put your balance more toward the balls of your feet. And I think this is why, when I got more comfortable
/ confident, I lost focus and fell back on what I’m used to from ice .. and BAM. So anyway, I didn’t get hurt or anything but
I really wanted to empasis this risk. It’s probably a good idea to have rockered
skates where the front and back wheels are a bit elevetad. That will reduce this risk of getting the
front wheel stuck. PLAYLIST I’ve compiled a playlist of hockey stop videos. A few are mine from ice skating so you can
watch the steps I’ve made to improve my hockey stop and eventually prepared me for the inline
hockey stop. But other videos are by other inline skaters. They may call it parallel slide or shuffle
stop, but it’s the same stop – just different names. One difference though – I’ve seen two different
appraoches. Some make more of a sharp turn to trigger
the skates to slide, and that’s a good approach. But the ice hockey stop is more like you rotate
both skates really quick, and the slide then contines in a straight line. So your homework tonight is to analyze these
subtles difference and please leave your report in the comments below. As always, I hope this video was helpful. I’m JP Jay, please subscribe and stay tuned
for updates!

52 thoughts on “How I Learned the ICE HOCKEY STOP on Inline Skates

  1. Hi, I sent you a video of me doing a hockey stop on inline hockey blades which is very similar to ice if it helps

  2. I'm new to inline skating, and haven't even bought myself a pair yet. Do you have any recommendations for recreational skating?

  3. How do you feel with those new skates with smaller wheels? Would you recommend them instead of fitness skates to learn stops / transitions? Thanks!

  4. Awesome!!! I have a problem with this one too. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't. pretty much a hit and miss. 🙂

  5. Полезное видео. Попробую больше нажимать на пятки.

  6. Thanks for your input on the subject.This is def one that I've tried over & put off for awhile. I need to get it down though. With time I guess.

  7. Thanks for the tutorials and tips dude. Today I did my first successful power stop with inline skates in years, thanks to your tutorials 🙂 I've been skating on ice and roads half my life… I had a brief 15 years break and I'm rolling again. I'm surprised how fast everything comes back :p

  8. I dont skate on roads i skate in a skating rink and got my skates 2 days ago and i can only go on Wednesday FRIDAY Saturday and Sunday. Imma try this today and hope it helps. I have been skating on Skates for 3 years and can keep my balance decently well

  9. You hit it on the head…it's a quick turn. I discovered this 20 yrs ago playing Roller Hockey on Tennis courts.

  10. When I play inline hockey in the summer. I can do the power stop butbI am scared to do it when I am going fast

  11. Just started skating and trying to learn different types of stops. This seems advanced but one day I hope to master it!

  12. Holy sh£t you are from Latvia? 😀 Skatos un domāju, hmm vieta līdzīga mūsu Lido slidotavai. Paldies par video, vajadzēs mēģināt mācīties jo dažreiz ar T stop nepietiek.

  13. Might not help those on rough surfaces with hard wheels, but when I'm playing some outdoor pickup on a decent surface or inline leagues I have two sticky indoor wheels on the front and maybe the next hardness up (still indoor wheels) on my back two. I picked up the tip years ago and I've never gone back, it really helps your heels break out a little easier on a hard stop without sacrificing grip.

  14. I did the hockey brake on first try by accident going down a bridge, I had to stop fast so I decided to let my hockey instinct kick in, I slided for a good 2 meters.

  15. due to recent events im having to move to a location where there are no ice rinks so i want to switch to roller blades, inline hockey roller blades. in this vid you mentioned that you could use different sized wheels in the center to simulate a rocker? how would that work exactly and would you recommend it for someone like me who wants the feel to be as similar to hockey skates on the ice as possible? (and before someone recommends marseblades skates to me, they dont have my size and i have asked them if they can make them but got denied)
    please and thank you for any help

  16. The hockey stop and the parallel stop are very different because in the hockey stop the outer leg pushes the ground hard and the inner leg slides on the surface till the end and helps to decide the stop and then balance

    When in the parallel stop the inner leg and the outer leg slide until the end and then the outer leg determines the stop and balance

  17. I can see from your technique that you started ice skating first and then learned to hockey stop in inlines (I know you also said that). I had the opposite approach since I started ice skating after learning inlines. It was crazy how much grip I got on the ice and took me awhile to learn that I needed to slide on top of the blades instead of far on the edge! Going from one to the other can be tricky!

  18. Hi, I’m new to inline skating. What hardness wheels do you use for this on outdoor surfaces? The 78A wheels that my skates came with seem to be chunking up pretty quickly.

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