How I “lost” my HAND! Stump Chats with MOLLY

(moody organ and percussion music) – Hey, I’ve got a question for you. – What?
– Sit, you can sit. (both laughing)
– Okay. – Does your stump turn different
colors than your other arm? – Absolutely.
– All the time. – Mm-hmm.
– Look at this. – It’s like a big indicator of how my body’s feeling, sometimes. – Mine gets really red. – Mine gets really red, purple in the wintertime. – Yeah, purple and orange,
little orange weird things. – So weird (laughs).
– So weird. I think it’s because they’re magical. They have magical powers. – Watch out for the nubbin thumb. (knives knocking) – Yeah, don’t cut your
(beeping) nubbin thumbs off. Do you have a thumb?
– Yeah. – We both have thumbs. Stumps and, like, nubbins and, like, have less circulation, I think?
– Mm-hmm. – Because we don’t have
fingers, is that why? – Well, I mean, it’s not actively moving and, you know, like small, is it appendages?
– Appendages? – Appendage, is that the right word? – It is.
(both laughing) – We can just move it,
its wrist really fast and change the color. – “Did your arm get a sunburn?” And I’m like, “No, it’s just how it is.” This is just the way it goes. There was one winter, (tranquil piano music) it was so, so cold and I lost my keys, I couldn’t get into the house. I was outside freezing. I was so cold I stopped
being able to feel my hands and my hand just fell off. (sad trombone music) It just fell off.
(bell chiming) It was so (beep)ing cold. (bell chiming)
Shark attack. I got really hungry.
(bell chiming) Do you have knuckles? – One here.
– Oh, neat. – Mm-hmm, and I got
little, little fingers, little nails, actually. – Yeah, me too. I have the, like, I’ve got
fingers and I have one nail, but no knuckles or joints. – No, I’ve got a few. – Oh, that’s so cool. Oh, neat.
(both laughing) – Did you ever used to make
up stories of people you know? Taking off your hand?
– No, like– – I did (laughs). – Like who?
– My Dad. – Oh (laughing). – It was, once, to scare a kid. – Yep, that’s, yeah. We’re really kind. We want to scare you. – He was making fun of me. – That (beeping).
– Yeah, and my father was nearby and
I said, you know, basically, “If you don’t stop teasing me, “he’s gonna do to you what
he did to me (laughs).” (gasping) (bell chiming)
– That’s– – I think I said I missed curfew. – Molly’s epic.
(Molly laughing) (moody organ and percussion music)

14 thoughts on “How I “lost” my HAND! Stump Chats with MOLLY

  1. Yay! What were you guys going to make with the veggies you chopped? Haha I got really hunger 😂😂 love you both, laughter is the best medicine ❤️❤️

  2. Salu2 me encanto el video. Echale ganas ❤❤ aquí apoyando super like tengo nuevo video salu2❤❤

  3. Your left arm gets more sun when you are driving a car. You get sun tan or sun bun on the left arm and not on the right arm.

  4. If you can't laugh at it, then who can? Right? I'm the same way about my vision. (Or lack there of) That was fun to watch ladies!

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