How Kamala Harris Made Her Millions

Democrats running for president
have no shortage of cash. Senator Kamala Harris and
her husband top just about all of them. The senator from California
and her husband, lawyer Douglas Emhoff,
reported about $1.9 million in adjusted gross
income last year. Their income more than
doubles the next highest earning candidate in the
2020 primary field. So how did they
come by their cash? Harris wasn’t always
this rich. She made six figure salaries
during her years as attorney general, first for San Francisco and
then the state of California. Then her household income
skyrocketed in 2014 when she married Emhoff and
they first filed their taxes jointly. They reported $1.2 million in adjusted gross
income that year. The couple has stacked up
wealth along the way. Harris listed assets
worth between $2.5 million and $5.8 million on a 2018
Senate financial disclosure form. They also had
between $2.8 million and $3.6 million in liabilities. That’s tied up in mortgages,
home equity lines of credit and a
commercial loan. And Emhoff rakes in
millions as an intellectual property lawyer
in California. He made a whopping $1.5 million last year alone. More cash is starting to
flow into Harris’s pocket too She reported about $157,000
in earnings from the Senate last year. That’s a hike from what
she made as California attorney general in 2016. But that’s not where she
makes her big bucks. Harris reported about $320,000
in net income from her memoir ‘The
truth we Hold.’ It was released in January
2019, as Harris geared up for her
presidential campaign. Since she won her Senate
seat in 2016, Harris has been seen as a
strong presidential candidate. But she struggled for a
breakthrough into the top tier of the
Democratic field. That was until the
first 2020 presidential debate where she confronted former
Vice President Biden about his record on race. But I also believe, and it
is personal, and I was actually very, it
was hurtful, To hear you talk about
the reputations of two United States senators
who built their reputations and career on
the segregation of race in this country. And it was not only
that, but, you also worked with them to
oppose bussing. And you know there was
a little girl in California, who was part of
the second class to integrate her
public schools. as she was bussed
to school every day. And that little
girl was me. Harris isn’t the only Democrat
at the front of the pack making big money. Senator Elizabeth Warren and
her husband Bruce Mann made nearly
$850,000 in 2018. Senator Bernie Sanders and
his wife Jane made $560,000 in 2018 after raking
in more than a million bucks in 2016
and 2017 each. Biden hasn’t unveiled his tax
returns yet, but he reportedly made millions after
leaving the White House in 2017. Still Harris and Emhoff’s 2018
haul is easily the highest of all the
candidates who have released their taxes. That could put Harris in
an awkward spot as she vies to take on
President Donald Trump. There’s a lot of talk
in this primary about new government benefits such
as student loan cancellation, free college, health
care and more. Do you think that
Democrats have a responsibility to explain how they will
pay for every proposal they make along
those lines? Well let me tell you
something, I hear that question. but where was that
question when the Republicans and Donald Trump passed
a tax bill that benefits the top 1 percent and the biggest
corporations in this country? When we reached out to
the Harris campaign, a spokesman said she is
committed to lifting up average Americans. He said her agenda is
meant to address their needs and improve their lives. Harris opposed the 2017 GOP
tax law which cut rates for most Americans but
slashed taxes on the wealthiest. She wants to reverse those
cuts and give up to $6,000 a year in tax
credits to working and middle-class Americans
instead. She also marched with
striking McDonald’s workers in Las Vegas, who pushed
for higher wages and changes to
harassment policy. But the fact remains,
Harris is still technically a millionaire. And we’ll see if that
affects her image as a champion for the working
class as the 2020

100 thoughts on “How Kamala Harris Made Her Millions

  1. While you are on this subject….where are the figures from TRUMP!!!!  Or…maybe you want to talk about his bankruptcies????

  2. Funny how Bernie Sanders has three houses BUT he will not "share" two of his three houses for the homeless Vets or citizens that need housing

  3. Pretty pathetic reporting! They try to imply that Harris gets her money nefariously. What did they uncover? Hmm: she's a successful lawyer and representative, she married an even more successful lawyer and she and her husband actually declare their incomes and pay taxes. Much more than one can say about Trumpanzee!

  4. Kamala , talks out of two sides of her little head. She apparently overcame great odds to get to her current position, in spite of this racially unjust society she talks about. More power to her for getting elected and being a part of this great system that she tends to trash. What a hypocrite. I don't care for her in the least, but you must give her props for her advancements in government.


  6. It's hard to sell the liberal, socialist agenda when your rich. She needs to stop playing the "victim" while crying alligator tears when asked the tough questions. 🙉🙈🙊

  7. She a crook, corrupt and how is a politician make so much money ??? Why is getting paid $157K that is ridiculous, she is scammer. Her husband made 1,500,000 Why,

  8. whenever she is asked a real question about important topics, she always redirects it to why wasn't i asked to another person… That is deceitful and crooked person and a HYPOCRITE !

  9. She comes from a background of slave owners. An Irish slave owner last name Brown.Go to American intelligence media to read all the facts about horrible persons background.

  10. Prediction! more drama , tears of youth struggles along with racial /sexist twist thrown in on the next debate>>>This Will Be her platform throughout her candidacy

  11. Her Daddy’s family also owned slaves in Jamaica. I guess you know about slavery much more than I! Does your family plan on making reparations? Please read comment!

  12. BY knowing wealthy "Pay to Play" business men and women….Probably a few dozen Lobbyists that represent those unsavory individuals looking for favors and of course inside trading…

  13. Channels like The View, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and Late Show are all showing like/dislike ratio positive for Kamala Harris.
    But if you get off of Democratic-funded media networks, you will notice the like/dislike ratio is NEGATIVE for Kamala Harris.

    It looks like the FAKE NEWS train is continuing to chug along for the Democrats.

  14. Married millions…….. She is a wedge in ANY bettering race relations, just like Obama, complete and total negativity. In fact ALL the Democrat runners are EXACTLY the same ! They are ALL catering (by mouth) to the gullible black and Latino for a vote, nothing more. And afterward…. You will not exist, she and the other Dems are USING YOU ! And that is 100% FACTUAL !!!!!!! Trump has and IS doing everything possible to better ALL U.S. citizens lives. Blacks better look long and hard at who and what political party is HELPING them………… And it is NOT the Dems/libs. FACT !

  15. she has apparently given plenty of jail time to her own people,then goes on the radio and acts all street,what a hypocrite

  16. Kamala Harris you have charged that many people who are rich, got rich in illegal ways! Well you have gotten rich very rapidly , so going by what you say, you go by what your fellow democrats say too " guilty til proven innocent ". not by the constitution says , so I think I will decide you got rich illegally now you prove you are innocent like you have done to many people, " guilty til proven innocent" , you are guilty ,guilty ,guilty ! As for your claim about President Trump tax cut bill, you democrats (congress) made charges which benefited yourselves and many of your wealth supporters, what charges did you ,Kamala Harris , personally make to the bill or support?

  17. Is there anyone in Congress that isn't a millionaire?? And how is it they leave Congress rich. At least Trump earned his money outside of politics.

  18. Time to tax her 70% and take her money and give it to poor people. Are people really stupid enough to think these rich people are really going to raise their own taxs and give up their money? They are not going to tax themselfs or give up any of their money. If they believed any of what they are speaking they would be giving that money away now.

  19. Kamela is a pompous phony, just like so many of her peers. Looking at the pool of potential "Progressive" leaders, this country is finished, as they trip over themselves offering platitudes & promising freebies to every dirtbag in America!!! Somewhere along the way, Americans lost their grit…but we're awash in Self Esteem…terrible at math/science but #1 in Self Esteem.

  20. Look to who provides her campaign funds California AG, she made a slimey deal to sell out Californians following the 2008 banksters housing hiest for pennies on the dollar do no banksters went to prison for the securitization fraud still going on today.


    I DON'T HATE HER BUT IF HER LIFE COULD BE SAVED BY A LITTLE OF MY SALUVA, I WOULD SWALLOW IT !!! 🤣🤣🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Harris is a Hillary Clinton want to be. When ask a question she didn't answer it but brought up something else, a true politician.

  23. So this girl is half indian half jamaican en married to a white man. How is she representing your afro american culture??

  24. No wonder they want to tax you more because they can afford to pay higher taxes. You can't but she will tax you more anyway.

  25. I am not an American, I don't live in the USA and have never visited the USA. I worry about Mrs/Miss/Ms Harris. She is Jussie Smollett's (maternal?) aunt. Between her and Mr Cory Booker they had an 'anti-lynching' law before Congress/Senate. The first reaction from both these representatives was that Mr Smollet's 'attack' was 'an attempted lynching'. TV commentators with sad and serious faces and tragedy in their voices obediently followed their lead. The law was passed the next day (but I don't know whether it was passed in Congress or in the Senate). And nobody seems to mention it.

  26. Ah. Shoots. Its ssssoooo awful that you got bused to school and didn't get chauffeured in to school.
    Frankly, with a SELFISH and undeserving privileged approach on the matter; perhaps you should have walked to school.

  27. Why they are not arresting those homeless who are smoking marijuana and injecting opium on the street. At least in jail or rehab. they will have place to sleep and eat, plus the crime, rapes, theft…etc. will be least and the drug dealer has no more income.

  28. it shows you how damn stupid Americans have become,this c nt shouldn't even be elected dog catcher for HOOTERVILLE

  29. She started out by being in politics being Willie's mistress
    Years ago. ( known as Willie's hi-yella ho. His Bottom ho) been hoing ever since.

  30. Hey Kamala,
    1) You supported and defended a for-profit privatized prison system. THEN you accepted their donations.
    2) You jailed 1500 people (mostly black) for simple marijuana possession. THEN you laughed about smoking marijuana yourself on the Breakfast Club podcast
    3) You fought against reforming the cash for bail system that has devastated poor and black communities.
    4) You fought to keep all convictions resulting from a lab technician who was using and selling the drugs instead of testing for authenticity so a judge had to ORDER you to overturn 600 convictions.
    5) You fought to block an advanced DNA test that could have freed a black death row inmate. The governor had to ORDER you to allow it.
    6) You JAILED working single parents for their kid's truancy.
    7) You ordered inmates to be held longer than their sentences and used them as cheap labor ($1 per day)

    You may have slept your way into you first position in San Francisco with an old man (verifiable) but you will NOT sleep your way into the Oval Office. We are onto you. Major Tulsi Gabbard (the true progressive woman of color) exposed you for what you are -a gutless, spineless, elitist pathetic excuse for a progressive woman of color.

    And your excuse for your performance that night? “I didn’t have enough time to respond.”

    Well Kamala, Anderson Cooper gave you plenty of time to respond that night in a post-debate interview and the only two points you made were: 1) “I expected that from someone who is not a top tier candidate like me.” and 2) “Tulsi met with a dictator.”

    So allow me to address those two points Kamala:
    1. After Tulsi got done with you, you too are no longer a top tier candidate (check the polls)
    2. Yes, Tulsi did meet with a brutal dictator. She met her on the debate stage and ended her bid for the U.S. presidency.

    Hey Kamala, going against Major Tulsi Gabbard on a debate stage was a little bit different than going against the poor and powerless from your prosecutor’s throne wasn’t it?

    Go Tulsi!!!!!

  31. This is why I never believe a Democrat about them being against the top 1% when their sorry butts are the 1%. I never understand why people support these morons they're full of lies.

  32. What a phoney two faced candidate she is. She is fully fuelling a greater division amongst American people. She is the litte girl from California that is out to totally ruin America. Listen very closely to what she stands for and be very careful how you choose your leader, Harris is not the one.

  33. Let's see ….she admitted to smoking dope while hanging out with rappers and then puts people in prison for it, some of whom are still in prison….. I have no respect for her WHATSOEVER…. ever wonder why California is such a shitshow?….. This woman was Attorney General!!

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