How LED Wickets Work? INR 25 Lakh per set???

DO SUBSCRIBE TECHNICAL GURUJI AND PRESS BELL ICON FOR LATEST TECHNOLOGY VIDEO WATCH BEFORE EVRYONE Friends cricket you all have to see Where the stumps and sticks are both in the bails It burns like it is in the air What is behind them HOW IT WORKS AND DOES IT COST 25 LACKS REALLY? In today’s video, I’m going to talk about this HELLO FRIENDS MY NAME IS GAURAV YOU ARE WATCHIN TECHANICAL GURUJI LETS BEGAIN Friends, all you have to share with those photos on Facebook, WhatsApp,etc. where it is written that the one bell cost nearly as much as iPhone The cost of that complete set is 25 lakhs What is the truth behind this How does this complete system work? Why do we need it, talk about it Friends, if you know that the first stumps and bails were made from wood It was difficult to give ACURATE DICISONS Because of the rules of cricket that somehow Listen, when the bail will be in air on both sides Only then can you get that batsman out, whether he is stump or run out Whether they are clean bowled But now you know yourself No matter how much you zoom in, do you know whether the bail was in the air or not? Did you know that the bail was IN AIR 1 mm or 2 mm? YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT FOR THIRD EMPIOR And in such cases, wrong decisions are also done too many times But we needed to improve it Here is an Australian researcher named Brian. They thought about this system and later it was made Created by the company named Jing International which is a Australian company Now here in this wicket system if you think then you will notify there is no rocket science like thing that one set will cost ₹25 lack Here it is not exactly clear that how this system works but here you will fing two theories Friends first theory says that the two bails have rid switches at the edges Now see how the rid switch works here you can on or off this using magnet Friends will be in the standard position when the bails will be placed above your stumps. which magnet is touched means it is off, the switch is off as soon as bails goes in air..The switches on both sides are on Light will burn at the same time The light will not burn if only one is raised If the light burns then it will also go down with a wireless single which will also turn on the lamp of the stump. And all this is what happens in 1000 seconds of 1 second. Here the papes are completely connected to the basic circuit You need to install a normal battery. And the stumps that are made from the complete plastic composite Just so much science in it… Apart from this, the other system is what it says. Both of the bails have tactile sensors at the end. This means that the contact of your bails and stumps is monitored by that sensor. As soon as the touch is removed from both sides, light will burn in the stumps and the jam immediately. Can an iPhone be equal to the price of the bail? No, not at all. But then its price is right. The amendment made there was more in value. You know that there is a lot of money in the game of cricket. Besides, the demand for the system is not so much that you have sold 1000 vickets. Here is the demand which is very low. That’s why the price has been increased. You just listen to a hype, you hear that the complete set is worth $ 400,000. That’s all. It is not that the value of the science in it is its price. If you want you can make it yourself in your home. By putting some basic parts Where If the ball collides, then the lights will also turn on. You do not have to spend so much money for this. Friends, I’m sure you liked this video. Do not forget to comment if you have any suggestions. If you have not yet shared this video and have not shared it then please do it. And do not forget to subscribe to the channel as it will bring you such types of videos every day. That’s all it friends Jai Hind! Wande Matarm!

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  1. Hello sir i want to inform you something. Check below video they have used your full content of this video word to word you can claim copyright strike I guess

  2. Agar hum aia chiz ghar main he bana sakhte hai toh fer zink company ne itni research kew ki….app ak bohut hi jhuta or makker insaan ho….

  3. ek ball market me available h jise tappa dene per light jlti h..wese toh is ball ko is ke sath compare ni kr skte per science kux milti julti h.or is ball ki price only 50 ya 60 rs h

  4. Bachpan pe Main Too 10 rupiah ke baal Mein Yahi system dekkha tha…
    Thoda touch Hota To led light jal jata tha….
    Gajab ka duniya hein ye🤔🤔

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