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It can start as an itch. Maybe a tickle on your scalp. It’s head lice. Tiny and tenacious. Thanks to millions of years of evolution,
these suckers are not easy to get rid of. You might end up in a salon, but not the kind
for haircuts. Young lice are so small they’re almost impossible
to see with the naked eye. Our scalp is their buffet. They feed on our blood. You can see it inside this adult louse. It’s the brownish stuff that’s moving. The secret to their success? Their claws – called tarsal claws – and
this little part, called a spine. A pair on each of its six legs. They’ve evolved to fit perfectly around
a human hair. They make lice into speedy little acrobats,
using our hair like a tightrope. They can’t jump or fly, but they get around. Say two kids – one blond, one brunette –
touch heads. The louse just scoots right over. It’s been one long game of hopscotch, from
human head to human head. And it has to be us. Our head lice can’t live on other animals. In fact, other primates have their own species
of lice, adapted to their unique hair. And birds have lice that hide in their feathers. Ooh. Cozy. And we all want them gone. Common insecticides won’t kill our head
lice anymore. They’ve become resistant to them. Even their eggs have serious staying power,
glued to individual strands of hair. But lice do have a weakness. They can’t survive away from our moist,
warm scalp. Head lice cannot even live on other hairy
parts of our body. So if you – or a professional – painstakingly
comb them out, they’ll starve, and die within hours. OK, it’s not fun. But it’s just a temporary encounter with
a tiny hitchhiker that is biologically destined just for you. Anyone else feeling itchy? Here at Deep Look we think all critters – even
the less lovable ones, like mosquitoes and ticks– deserve their moment in the spotlight. You agree, right? So support us on Patreon. Click that link in the description. Thanks!

100 thoughts on “How Lice Turn Your Hair Into Their Jungle Gym | Deep Look

  1. Hi Deep Peeps. I produced this episode of Deep Look. I also wrote an article about treatments to get rid of head lice. Check it out: Thanks for watching!

  2. I have itch but i have an oily scalp which in a good production o dandruff but thanks to lemon it does helps get rid of it

  3. Me after watching this

    Me: mom can we go to the hair salon I want to shave off my hair

    Mom: thinks it’s not real

  4. If you have lice do not use over the counter treatments… Lice are becoming immune to otc treatment. SUFFOCATION IS BEST!
    Cover your scalp and hair completely with hair gel. The more the better!
    Then put on a shower cap and go to sleep!
    In the morning rinse the gel out and continue with your normal hair cleansing routine.
    Repeat this every night until they are gone.

  5. One time my family all got them. Everyday for 2 months I would wake up early and spend an hour in the shower with a bucket so I could use the lice comb. Jokes on them, I irritated my skin more than they did, and they only lasted days, I kept on going for 2 months

  6. If a girl has long hair that means more hair lice may thrive?Cuz I think my girlfriend gave me lice

  7. So that part where she said the can go to other hairy parts of our body.. Friendly reminder to shave if you do that peeps😬

  8. When I had live I was at my aunt's house and my cousin passed live to me so my aunt was checking and saw a egg in my hair and a lice she tried to take it out and it popped and luckily she got all the babies 🤯🤮

  9. lol i have never gotten lice 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👌👌👌👌🙌🙌

  10. I've had lice in my hair when I was 9 and it was not a good experience at all. I used to have long hair back then and it was a struggle to get rid of. Bottles of anti- lice shampoo was used to treat my hair and my mom would use a special comb and brush my hair with it after applying a special oil everyday to get rid of them. Took a month of treatment for it to go.

    P.S. Luckily it did not damage my hair.

  11. Well I got thick mixed girl hair so idk how anybodys about to get that comb through my hair if i wasnt a girl id shave my hair off this is why i said i dont want long hair

  12. They cant feast if they cant find my scalp(I can't even find my scalp half the time when I'm doing my hair)
    *laughs in curly hair* 😂

  13. I had a lice since 5 years old.. My dad even go as far to make me bald but nah it don't work.. Then when we use proper lice shampoo with constant usement(?) its gone when im 13

  14. Reading about neem oil should be good to fight of lice??anyone here who have tried neem oil I like to know if thats a good method:/

  15. They umm don’t like the heat so I just take a hair dryer and kill em with the heat btw shampoo with salt works as well and lemonade and salt but it itches alot

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