How M1 Volleyball uses AirCAT

– Hi my name is Jamie
Suapaia with M1 Volleyball here in Minnesota, and one of the overall things that I really like about
AirCAT is the consistency and getting a lot of reps up. We know exactly as coaches
where that ball’s gonna go so instead of trying to
manage where we want the ball to go, we know exactly where it’s gonna go and be able to spend more
time coaching on the skills that we’re looking for. I really like to use the
AirCAT for serving purposes, like I said before, we can serve in seams, we can serve short, we can
serve deep, we can mix up all the shots that we see
in game-time situations. We also used it a lot for free ball work so that we can work on
teams six-on-six and then we also used it as a passer or a digger so that we could run an offense off of it with having our defense
on the other side working. When we have the
three-on-six we’re using it as a defensive tool to try
and get all three players who are not necessarily in
their positions, so what we’re trying to do is kind of work
on controlling the chaos and we were cranking up
the speed so that they had to control it and slow it
down on our side instead of panicking. Couple features that I
really liked about the AirCAT is how you can change speeds
and also how easy it is to adjust the height, so if
I’m like, I said before, was serving, we could serve
it a little bit higher and deeper so that they’re
working on back pedaling and getting their shuffling
backwards and getting to the end line. I like that it’s cordless
so that way we’re not trying to have to move the
cords around the court. Girls can play freely around
it, also I controlled it a lot with the remote so that
I could either speed it up but it does have a timer
on it that’s nice too so if you wanted to set it to, let’s say, every five seconds so that way
you could get some coaching in between, I had it on the
remote so I could either speed it up or stop it if I needed to. Overall I really liked using
the AirCAT for the simple fact that you could get a
lot of reps within a short amount of time. We really enjoyed it at
practice as a tool to just be kind of our eleventh player.

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