How Mosquitoes Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood | Deep Look

This is the deadliest animal in the world. Mosquitoes kill hundreds of thousands of people
each year… the most vulnerable people: children, pregnant women… No other bite kills more humans… or makes
more of us sick. So what makes a mosquito’s bite so effective? For starters, they’re motivated. Only females bite us. They need blood to make
eggs… And a pool of water for their babies to hatch in. Even a piece of trash can hold enough. At first glance, it looks simple — this mosquito
digging her proboscis into us. But the tools she’s using here are sophisticated. First, a protective sheath retracts – see
it bending back? If you look at a mosquito’s head under a
microscope, you can see what that sheath protects. And inside *there* are six needles! Two of them have tiny teeth. She uses those to saw through the skin. They’re so sharp you can barely feel her pushing. These other two needles hold the tissues apart while she works. From under the skin, you can see her probing, looking for a blood vessel. Receptors on the tip of one of her other needles pick up on chemicals that our blood vessels exude naturally and guide her to it. Then she uses this same needle like a straw. As her gut fills up, she separates water from the blood and squeezes it out. See that drop? That frees up space to stuff herself with
more nutritious red blood cells. With another needle, she spits chemicals into us. They get our blood flowing more easily, and give us itchy welts afterwards. And sometimes, before she pries herself away, she leaves a parting gift in her saliva: a virus or a parasite that can sicken or kill
us. There’s nothing in it for her. The viruses
and parasites are just hitching a ride. But this is what makes mortal enemies out of us
and mosquitoes. They take our blood. Sometimes we take theirs.
But often, not soon enough. Good. You’re still there. . These are the
larvae of Culex pipiens, a.k.a. the common house mosquito here in California. Gross, right?
Well, you can avoid them by emptying your rain gutters. Pet water dishes too. While
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100 thoughts on “How Mosquitoes Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood | Deep Look

  1. Where can i buy a poison smoke granade that can bring impending doom to those mosquitoes?

    If we don't have that i suggest you start inventing those thing and i guaranteed you will be a part of history

  2. If only mosquitos were intelligent enough to see a human and think "Nope, ill die if i bite them" and avoid us

  3. If you flex your muscle while a mosquito is sucking your blood they will not stop sucking it So eventually they'll just pop

  4. Блядь заебали эти уебки хуилы блять уёбищные утоните в говне хуесосы конченые

  5. Goverment experiments. Were now living in the epidemic error of human error playing with nature creating such things.

  6. The mosquito is also the secret to beating addiction. The truth will set you free. You do not have to itch it.

  7. Hey, you yeah you wanna see a man mosquito tornado?

  8. All these years of mosquitoes and it turns out they have six needles as one mouth part. Cool stuff guys!

  9. Imagine mosquitoes the size of a dog and then the whole video again…. Then try to have a good night's sleep…..

  10. Every time I kill one I experience sheer pleasure…because they are out to kill me. I stun them with air freshener, then go for the smash down like The Thing!

  11. Man when i was child
    My parents said that dengue mosquitoes are very dangerous and even kill you
    And i thought they would be very big in size so they can kill me 1v1 fight
    I thought they should be about 2ft big😂 man that childhood is disgusting 😂
    Has any incidence ever happened to you

  12. Anybody else is here because of hearing mosquito near you and now on here watching these videos about them?

  13. Watch this video from 2:45 at 0.25 speed and let me know if you're still alive

    It's straight out of a horror movie

  14. I heard if you squeeze a mosquito while they’re sucking your blood, they’re sucker gets stuck. And they can’t get out so all then can do is keep sucking until they explode.

  15. Me and my grandpa caught one of the baby mosquitos, a boy and a girl, the baby girl was pregnant with another baby and the girl died I felt bad but after watching this video I don’t lol

  16. I have a mini pool for my little sister and she hasn't gone in it for like a month the water is still there and there are baby mosquitos in the pool

    Gross right

  17. Guys, there is always somebody willing to be bitten by disease carrying mosquitos, bedbugs leaches and others for every video of this kind

  18. This makes me hate mosquitos even more. Take my blood, leave me alone and take my babies and lastly spits on me just to fill her body up… sounds like my life with my ex-wife. Disgusting.

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