How the Pink Cricket ball fits into the game Part 2

Hi. I’m a pink cricket ball. I’m new on the scene and I’ve had some trouble
fitting in. Turns out some of my new cricket friends Have had troubles of their own. I’m a cricket bat but a lot of people think
I’m just a big bully. Hey red ball are you ok? No I’m not ok why do you have to hit me so
hard? It was self defense I thought you were attacking
me. No. He was attacking me I’m middle stump I’m the target of everyone’s
aggression its not fair. Hi. We’re pads. I’m right pad No I’m left pad No..No your right pad No your left pad. We suffer from a slight identity crisis. At least you guys have got each other. I’m so alone I’ve got now one to talk to out
here on the boundary. We’ve all got our problems. It’s important we stand together and always Stand by pink. We stand by pink. We stand by pink. All alone in the outfield. We stand by pink. You think you blokes have got it tough what
about wha……. Hey I’m over here What about what I have to deal with.

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