27 thoughts on “How This Bikini Competitor & Amputee Found Confidence | The Happiness Stories

  1. She's so attractive! Not just her looks either. Her passion, drive, and strength makes her such an attractive person.

  2. Thanks for all the sweet comments you guys! It means a lot!! I post tons of workout videos and such on IG. My handle for all social media is just @devincoffin 😊😊

  3. 'If I don't eat anything pumpkin spice this fall, am I still white girl?' I love her sense of humor XD

    and, I really love her ambitions 🙂 being an occupational therapist is a kickass goal, I hope she gets there! I believe she will.

    awesome video SoulPancakes, awesome video 🙂

  4. aww, i used to work w devin n after knowing her for even just a minute you quickly see that this girl can hang w the best of them. glad to see her doing so well

  5. I worry a little about your back watching you lift the weights from the ground.

    I watched a friend cross fit her way into the ER.

    That aside, rock on!

  6. Living in the U.S, (nyc) I've noticed that people here are very focused on race and their ethnic background. They manage to slip any race comment into any conversation. "Hey! I'm 1/4 navajo, and 1/8 russian and 1/23 portuguese…cool, but I didnt ask you!."
    Putting that aside, what an inspirational story.

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