How to AVOID The Most Common Throwing Mistakes – Baseball Throwing Fundamentals [How To Tuesday Ep6]

What’s up guys, Coach Madden, official trainer and today we’re going to talk about how to avoid the most common
throwing mistakes. So I’m going to share with you three mistakes
today that I see a lot when guys are throwing the baseball that you shouldn’t be doing,
but of course I’m not going to leave you out there like that I’m going to show you how
to fix these as well and share with you some baseball throwing fundamentals, if you will. The first of the most common throwing mistakes
that I see a lot is guys being too high, too early with the ball and I think this is because
coaches say a lot of the time “get that arm up, get that ball up, give that arm up
high,” and I think kids hear this and they literally try to do that. So when they go to throw they’re coming up
too high too early and you’re just jamming yourself up when you do that, you don’t want
to be up this high and then throwing down. We actually want to be down and come up to
our release point; that’s the way it should really happen, but when kids, young guys,
youth players hear “get that arm up” I see a lot of guys going like this and then they’re
up, then they’re coming down and then they’re pushing and it’s just throwing them all out
of whack. So this is the number one mistake to avoid
in these baseball throwing fundamentals and how do you fix that? You can do a drill called Low Grab Rockers. For low grab rockers all we’re going to do
is get set up in our rocker position which is going to be our stride with our heel the
heel, we’re going to get nice and deep into that positions, bending our knees sitting
our butt down in there. We’re going to have a tee behind us, nice
and low and then we’re going to rock back, grab this ball off of the tee so our arms
nice and low and then we’re going to have to turn transfer our energy going forward
and make that throw. It really helps work on the arm action and
how you time that arm action with the rest of your body. So it looks a little something like this. The second of these baseball throwing fundamentals
that I see jacked up all the time is that front arm kind of flying open and down, it
kind of just dies out here when the guys are throwing, they throw this way and this front
arm opens down and out flying open, no front side kind of just lazy and flying open. So how do we fix this problem? We could do a drill called figure eights and
all we’re going to do in this arm action drill is we’re going to get set up nice athletic
position, we’re going to keep our hands together right here in the middle and we’re going to
make a figure eight. We’re going to go past our hip, past our other
hip, we could turn our feet a little bit while we’re doing these figure eights this way and
then we’re going to separate our hands and throw out in front. The reason this drill works so good for guys
who kind of have a lazy front side is when we turn back this way with our figure eights,
it forces them to have this front side here and especially if you can verbally tell them
to get that arm up after they separate on this side of the hip they’re going to be able
to use their front side a lot better. So it looks a little something like this. And the last tip or the last mistake I see
a lot, it’s more of a general tip or a general thing I see and that is bad throws, misdirection
so I see guys not setting their feet good enough, not getting into the good position. So how do we work on that? We really just got to be aware and understand
that getting our legs underneath us is so important when it comes to making good throws. So a lot of times we think about the arm,
in fact the first two drills that we talked about were arm things, but when it comes to
throwing the legs are very important, so we have to understand that we need to get our
legs underneath us. So if we’re making that play, we really got
to make sure we’re getting our legs underneath us and following our throw, getting into a
good direction. If we’re here and we’re off-balance and if
you can’t stay balanced and under control and get your legs to where they need to be
then you’re not going to make good consistent throws all the time. You have to have your legs into a good position,
you have to have strong legs, be balanced, and you have to be an athlete. Guys I hope you like this baseball throwing
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30 thoughts on “How to AVOID The Most Common Throwing Mistakes – Baseball Throwing Fundamentals [How To Tuesday Ep6]

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