How to Bat Like Virat Kohli

subscribe MARSH SPORTS channel and how the bell icon so that you can see our video first guys today I will teach how to bat like virat kohli but guys I want to tell you that it’s good teqhniques of virat kohli but I offer you to choose your own batting style b3cause virat kohli choose his batting it’s good to choose your own but in this vidoes I will teach you to by like virat kohli so let’s chant my name is karthik your watching MARSH sports so let’s start guy first pick you bat like this in standard position then simply go slowly then TAP bat in pitch and try comprise you are there make the jaw towards elbow and hit it clicking the ball how push the back foot so you could how the ball nicely together will fatteral movement there then you can get value of 60 please SUBmyandhit

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