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welcome to my channel cricket tips so
today I’m going to share some tips on how to play long innings while you’re
batting in your real cricket match you all know when we got our turn to open
the endings we often how feel nervous and having low
confidence in the beginning our focus might shift somewhere because lack of
awareness about techniques and fundamentals so today I am going to
share three tips that will help you in scoring runs and to play a long innings
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bell icon to get more updates about cricket tips a step is choosing the right shot for
the situation when you see the class endings in Test match the commentator
will talk about player cutting out risk shots for example at one stage in his
career and his shots give up on almost everything except
clicking the ball of his legs anything of the storm he learned to leave alone
this refraction slowed his carrier rate but allowed him to build big score when
he was low on confidence at lower level this can be still be done although the
mindset is slight different you can still learn to leave the ball outside
off stump especially if you open however with less time then in the Test cricket
you will need to play more shots so work on the one that are the lowest risk a
batsman who is strong with one trap can also be strong clicking off the legs and
playing straight runs three shots that are very low risk but can allow you to
score in a wide or on the leg side riskier shots like cut and cover drive
looked impressive but unless you are very good at them you are better off
leaving them out first you also need to consider the pitch for example if you
are playing on the midfield against medium pace or spin you will be looking
to get forward much more to our at the ball that choose from a short length if
you are playing on hard bouncy wicket against pace bowler you can sit back
more ready to pull our back foot Drive this is not just tactical thinking
though you must have the technique to play
and that means intense technical batting practice it teaches you the muscle
memory to play your choose and short perfectly all your plans are worthless
if you can’t play these short the second tip is keeping the gas in the tank
it’s like generating energy in your body speaking of worthless all the techniques
in the world is worthless if you don’t have the fitness to use it after a long
period in the middle that’s why Fitness is so important for the batsman
tiredness and exhaustion kills the concentration fast as I’m sure you have
experienced when concentration cores you will later plants or not far behind as
you play a loose shot with two technique tightness can be read off with good
training well nothing beats actually playing long
innings to get cricket fit you can take some surprising shortcuts like low grip
strength training it might seem unspecific but the more
absolute strength in your muscle and tendons the longer they take to trier
even and playing a long slow sports like cricket
that means lifting relatively heavy weights for a few ribs rather than lower
weights for more ribs second one energy system training if you think back to
your biology or sports ein classes this is the different way the body can
produce energy to power the muscle in the cricket the main system is ATP or PC
so focus on the developing the efficiency of this system through
interval running will increase the time it takes you to run out of the gas long
slow run are not the ideal one to prepare a preparation for playing long
innings although they will improve although they will improve your general
heart and lung efficiency the reason they are usually avoided is because they
are boring and carry a risk of injury to repetative impact
jogging for a mile on hard concrete is the top on the knee us but not least
staying focused the hardest part of long endings is keeping an iron concentration
on the task being fit helps with this but like your muscles your mind can
improve with the right training having a ritual between pause develop a way to
switch off and think about anything except the game some batsmen walk away
to the square leg some garden some adjust their pads it’s ideal but
essential pick something that clears your mind and stick with it
ignore the boys it could be your internal knowledge II telling you how
bad you are or the opposition sledging whatever the
scores what are the source of the negative voice ignore it and think of
something positive like how it will be feel when you rise your hands back for
three figures everyone will have a different way of doing this two things
and you may need to try a few methods or before settling on something that works
for ways to work out your own best method of staying focused have a look
combining the technical physical and mental like this cover all your bases of
course all these tricks are worthless without lots of practice so get it in
the gym and get drill to make sure you are as prepared as possible when the
time comes for you to play a match winning innings

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