How to Be a Baseball Umpire : Terminology for Baseball Umpires

Alright, some of the terminology is balls
and strikes, and we call two balls and one strike, of course everyone knows you only
get three strikes. Four balls, you take your base, hit by a pitch, take your base. Now
you’ll see me, it has a clicker in it, this is an indicator. As you can see, the game
ended 1-1 count, and there was 2 outs. Now, let’s say the game went on. Watch this -there’s
ball two, strike two. Ball three, we call that a full count. Ball four, take your base.
Go back to zero, start all over again. Make sure you reset your indicator after every
batter, because otherwise you could start with 4-0, that doesn’t work. Reset it 0-0.
See that 0-0? Ball 1, strike 1, strike 2, strike 3 – you’re out of there!

11 thoughts on “How to Be a Baseball Umpire : Terminology for Baseball Umpires

  1. Absolutely right. And really, you shouldn't be saying "You're outa there!". All you have to do is call "Strike three!", everyone knows what that means, and make the out hand signal; with your RIGHT hand, which should NOT be holding the indicator.

  2. my hand is small for my 4 in 1 indicator. I can only click balls with my left hand. Is it ok to click the strikes,outs and innings with my right?

  3. at least he got something right in this video so far. there we go no such thing as full count a full count would b4 ball 4 and strike 3

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