How to Be a Baseball Umpire : The “C” Position for Base Umpires

Alright in this clip we’re going to go over
the third position. Umpires call it the C position. The C position is when there’s a
man on first and second or just second. The reason he’s in this position is so he can
get a good call on the third base or back to second base. He also watches the bases,
makes sure every player hits every base from this position. Now, same thing. If he needs
a close place going into third base he runs into the play as close as possible. To the
bag and the players. And he can get a good line at what’s happening right in front of
him. That’s the C position. Now don’t forget infield fly rule. That’s the position. That’s
the position. When there’s a man on first, second or third the infield fly rule’s called.
That means the guy can’t drop the ball on purpose and still throw the guy out. Infield
fly rule you run at your own risk.

11 thoughts on “How to Be a Baseball Umpire : The “C” Position for Base Umpires

  1. Gimmie a break. Have you seen this guy's other clips? You say home plate as if an umpire only umpires home plate or only umpires one base. Umpires umpire at every base and at home plate. A good umpire would take his ball bag off while working the bases if he wants to show rookies the proper way to umpire.You give this guy too much credit.

  2. For the love of god, it's just a damn beginners video. Get off the ballbag already. Who cares? Pay more attention to the positions hes talking about instead of all the superficial b.s. After all, we are talking about little league and not the pros.
    I've heard it called both p4 and the "c" position. Depends on what part of the country your from.

  3. Matt Jackson, be careful how much of this guys stuff that you take to heart. First off never wear a ball bag when you work base. That being said, never allow you partner to wear one also. If you are working base you have all touches at 1st and 2nd. The UIC will have touches at third. See where he sets up for the call at third? Don't be there. Work to get a view of the front of the bag. That's where your action is most likely to be. You also want to be close enough to see a tag but remember to be far enough away to see the large picture as well. Good luck on those fields

  4. Thirdterm why dont you go comment on other videos. You have zero idea what you are talking about. Quit trolling and get a life

  5. thirdterm, shut your filthy mouth you nasty hobo. you dont know the first thing about umpiring. go plsy with your barbies and cry to you mommy. you got it boy?

  6. This guy is a disaster and a disgrace to those of us who umpire on a regular basis. I've been working for a quarter century, and he even gets the IF rule wrong. Please take these down.

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