How To Be A Good Hockey Player

Hi, I’m Adam. I’m the first team captain at
East London Hockey Club. I’ve been playing hockey for around twelve years. I’m just going to talk a little bit about
once you’ve developed the basic techniques, how you can then take that to the next level
and become a good team hockey player. So the first thing to mention is that it’s probably
playing to your strengths, so it depends on which position you’re going to try and play
in. If your particular strength is in stopping the ball, you’re very strong and you’re very
keen to getting the ball, then obviously, defense may be the position for you. If you’re very quick, then your strength may
lie as a forward. But no matter where you play, one of the most important things in
hockey is being fit, and hockey is a sport where the ball is generally on the ground.
So it’s not like football where you’re able to declare the ball in the air a long distance
and have a breather. You need to be in space all the time. So being
fit and having good stamina and being able to work on short sprints is very important
in hockey. Another important thing is tactical awareness. Working with your team, working with your
coach, to develop a plan to know what the people on your team are going to do. Hockey
is very much a team sport, and even though some players may be very good, they’re often
not going to win a game. The teams that will win games will be teams that create space,
that use their other players, that work the ball around and make the ball do the work
and create space to score the goal. So those are the three things that you should
develop. One, practicing good techniques and using the correct methods to do things, two
making sure that you’re very fit, and that you’re able to get around the pit for a full
seventy minutes, and three making sure that you’re working with your coaches and your
teammates to develop a plan to know what you’re going to do and how you’re going to face an
opposition. It’s not just a little bit of a vital power, you can improve the game once
you know the techniques, and you want to move on to play for a team and to enhance to the
next level. .

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