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Is cricket is your passion? Do you have a
dream to become a cricketer? If you’re, then this video is for you. Hello and welcome to CricPlanet,
In this video, l am gonna tell you how to become a cricketer? From starting zero to
become a professional cricketer, what are the steps involved I will tell you. If you
follow these steps, you can become either a batsman or a bowler depending on your interest. The first thing, start cricket practice as
early as possible, the more changes you get when you start playing cricket early.
At the beginning, just know what is cricket? how it is played? and the rules of cricket. An academy, coach, and a mentor plays an important
role in the career of a cricketer so you have to be selective to choose the cricket academy.
Research well about the academy, like how many players were selected in state and the
national team and once if you joined in an academy practice regularly and follow the
instructions given by your coach. Get up early in the morning and do some warm
up and running and strictly no gym workouts till you’re 16 and maintain a balanced diet. Daily practice will improve your game. Not
only in cricket but also in other games, practice is an important part. If you want to become
a professional cricketer then increase your practice time. Be Athletic, set a balanced schedule for your
studies and for cricket. Wake up early in the morning sit and close your eyes for 5-10
minutes and just say I AM GOOD, I AM REALLY GOOD ENOUGH TO ACHIEVE MY SUCCESS. Fresh yourself
and get ready for jogging, have a cup of milk and banana. After your school/college do your
homework and then get ready for your evening practice. Come back home and have a warm shower
and eat like a king, get good sleep and repeat. Try to make a friendly relationship with your
coach. If you successfully build up a good bonding, it will improve your game automatically.
Always be connected with your coach. Technique is an important part in cricket.
Everyone has different techniques to play different types of shots. Your techniques
might be wrong because that’s not the right way to play a particular shot.
Ask yourself like, How do they react to the different types of
deliveries? How might you react to those kind of deliveries?
Examine the different techniques that your favourite players use. Always be dedicated in the game because you
had chosen cricket as a career. Everyone dreams about having a bright career ahead. You should
not lose your focus, just be dedicated to your field. You may face many difficulties
in your life but, try to make yourself a strong man. Everyone faces difficulties and has a
bad time. Don’t demotivate yourself, try to fight for difficulties. If you fail in
your life don’t be sad. You must know your weak points and try to make it correct. Just follow these steps and practice each
and every day, improve your fielding skills. Drink plenty of water regularly and monitor
your fitness. Don’t give up yourself at any situation, patience,
determination and tolerence and most importantly your cricketing skills will help you. Believe
yourself. All the best.

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