How to become an Advanced Badminton Player (1) Learn The Basics

The number 1 point is be able to learn, be able to understand the basic badminton skills In badminton there is logic, there is logic for grip there is logic for posture hitting skills and movement skills there is logic, the advanced way and beneficial way to hit shuttle cock in the real match. so, in real match players have to play in certain way but from my experience a lot of club players are practising, spending a lot of time to learn the techniques and skills which is not really happening, which is not really be able to use it in the real match so, for example a player practice a way which is not really happening in the real match and then try to use that technique in the real match so, it does not work that way that makes me really frustrating to see it because I can see the things a player, a club player practising on court to play better, cannot be used in the real match so, eventually this player just completely wasting his practice now, it is better to spend one month or 1 year to learn the basic right skills it is better to spend more time, to understand be able to understand the logic of badminton what is really happening in the real match and then after identifying all the true techniques all the techniques which are really being used in the real match and then practice those skills is far better than just listening to some of advanced players in club saying your grip should be loose, so this player without any knowledge have a completely loose grip and when they hit it they loose control and some players say when you rotate, you have to rotate the clock wise which is not true and some players ask there mixed double partner you must stay inside T so the women just listen and just hiding there, which is not true there are so many statements from some of the advanced players which is not really true, and there are so many players who listen to those statements and just copy it without real understanding or without real identification of if that is really true so, in my youtube channel there are lot of basic skills available so, before you actual training some thing please watch and understand if that is really true even I say something you should question me or you should look and check if that is really right or if that is really happening in the real match so I recap before you practice, before you train please spend more time to identify, to understand the right basic skills, that is the first step for you to become and advanced player in the future so, if you don’t have that knowledge you are trying to start your car with gear number 3 so, it won’t happen, it will take too long and after some time you have to come back and redo it all again so, eventually you had wasted so much of time not only that it takes even longer to undo what you have been training at the wrong way

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  1. Great video! Although The title should be; Becoming an advanced player or Becoming an advanced badminton player.

    Thank you so much for your time coach!

  2. Dear Coach Lee,
    Have you ever read Bruce LEE's "The artist of life"? i do think that your philosophy in badminton is similar to his philosophy in martial art. Both are great.

  3. Everyone has condition which they can not change as they born with it. Two kind of people. One complian about it and two, accept it and maximise it. You are smaller then others which mean that you will be much faster then others. Find way to maximise your strength. Nothing is impossible. Everything thing is in your mind.

  4. Tell your self that they are toller then me but they are slower then me. I am much faster so I can make shot before they ready. I will be the smallest champion in badminton history. Lee

  5. Hi im new to badminton and very interested in learning to become a good one and so far ive been practiceing with one of my friend who is good at badminton as well…. i just wanted to know where should i start as a beginner? So far ive been learning everythg all at once. Should i do it step by step? Advice please?

  6. If you would like to play badminton for a long time and would like to play well then learn the right basics step by step. Having a few lessons would be good too. Learn right basics are the most important thing. Lee

  7. You can check your skills. Even you have played three years, it would be good idea to check your skill and improve then rest of your life you will be able to enjoy badminton so much more. Be positive, I am sure you must have good skills in some areas. Lee

  8. Hi Coach, I am struggling with weight. How can I push myself to achieve a better body? One day I am motivated and for the next month I am not anymore. I really want to start competing at tournaments now because I haven't played in a tournament in a long time. Thanks!

  9. It is purely has to be done with your will. I was like that too. I was doing well with what I eat for a week then I go back to my normal habit. It is question of if your will beats your temtation. Try it is in your hand. Lee

  10. That is a good points. I will put those clips on my list. There are a few different kind of smashes. Power smash, check smash, long smash, slice smash. Lee

  11. y way is to understand the grip and hitting skills first and put footwork together. Sometime you need footwork to feel your hitting skill and the other way round. So I would say do both as it is needed. Lee

  12. Thank you for your videos! What you say is SO bang on true! In all honesty, I've really improved my badminton thanks to your teachings and I always feel motivated to practice even more after watching your videos! Your a huge inspiration and I hope you continue to make more videos in the future! 🙂

  13. Thank you for your kind comment on my clips. Yes I am going to make more clips. I am so pleased to know there is someone like you like my clips. Thank you. Lee

  14. Sir lee, thanks a lot for your videos. We have some problem in understanding audio. Can you do something about it?

  15. Thank You so much coach! u helped me! i'm in an exact situation like u said so.
    but, i got another situation and that is, while i'm in badminton class, i will perform well but when i'm in a real situation or i can say in a badminton match, that dosent looks so good. And, can u tell me where should i start with the basic skills? i really wanted to ba a good badminton player! bcs i always get pally by my friend! or should i call them as friend? Pls Help me Coach! i will appericiate it!

  16. What you are facing is very normal. I was like you too. Play fantastic in practice but play worst in competition. I hated my self but soon things will be changed only if you continue training hard with total possitiveness. Soon you will play much better. It is lack of practice. Please do more practice then anyone may imagine. Lee

  17. Hey Master Lee,
    Your video clips are GREAT! Normally I have my badminton session(men double) with my friend every week.However I feel like less challenging & enjoying without any competition & training.I try to do some fitness training (jogging) or study tactics by watching top players videos.
    Beside from smashing, is that any way to make the game more enjoying and also improve or motivate myself to next level as a double player? Thanks.Ur advice will be appreciated!!
    From a 24 years old boy. 🙂

  18. You have to maximise the situation you are in. I do know it is less enjoyable and less challenging without strong opponent and competition. But is that is your situation then you have to accept and find the things you can do and prepare. Soon your situation may change and be able to compete against better player. Do a lot of practice and training. Drive, defense, drop shot, deception, fast footwork training and so on. Lee

  19. You seem really nice. But please re title this "What To Keep In Mind About Badminton" or something more representative. I expected to learn action and movements…not to be told and retold the same thing without any action tips.

  20. Dear Master Lee,

    Many thanks for your input. I will try more different style of playing in order to keep my passion toward badminton XD. However, perhaps I don't have any particular training session, so that it is quite hard for me to improved myself without someone can identify my weakness and guide me the right way. But nvm, more practice & always Be prepare and Stay focus!Thanks


  21. You are welcome. Sometimes you have to work by your self when there is no one to help, I do know it is hard but better to do something. Lee

  22. Hi! jsut want to ask, I'm little bit confuse, how to know if the shuttle cock is outside?(IN SINGLES AND DOUBLES)

  23. Thanx , Master Lee , would you plz make the videos outside the hall so the sound will be more nice . Anyway I'm now trying to learn the skills …..

  24. It would be difficult to do so outside but I understand why you are saying it. I will try to make the recording better next time. Thank you for your suggestion. Lee

  25. That is good question, If you study real match and see how players are moving and hitting. You can also study how players practicing then you can see there is gap between. Let say, in real match players have to stop at the base and then move again. 8-9 out of 10 players practice, they do not stop at the base but just run. There are many things like that. Lee

  26. hi can anyone tell me some kind of advice or anything for my backhand it is very weak and i cant even take some of my body hits…… please reply fast i have to go to districts in one week…..

  27. @coachingbadminton Sir, If I were to train badminton like playing badminton once a week with friends, will i get better in badminton?  Or do I have to join a scheme to get better at badminton? 

  28. I really learned a lot from this video because some people might teach me the wrong way and make me hard for it to correct

  29. coach lee,, can you help me or give me some hint how to do improve my skils? some drills or exercise that can improve my stamina and accuracy,,

  30. Love your videos! Very educational for beginners like me. I hope I can apply this in my game… of course I need more practice 😀

  31. Coach, how can we tire off our opponent? I asked my friend but he said give the shuttlecock to the backhand of your opponent, which may be weak and you can smash afterwards. But this was not applicable to the players who's backhand was strong. Please give me some tips to tire out are opponent.

  32. Lee, you are a coaching legend. I had the pleasure of meeting you years ago when you visited England. I now am a coach myself and watch your videos to base my sessions around. I love your ethics and morals towards the game and your never ending passion. Please continue to post videos as they really are so well received in the badminton community. Could you give me advice one or two key tips for a new coach?

  33. To be competitive it is imperative you are in prime condition. In singles practice use two shuttles and have your partner serve at the same time you do. Keep the shuttles in play for as long as you can. First from backcourt with only clears to b/h and f/h sides. Next slowly keep moving forward as you keep clearing to mid court and then next to the short serve line at net.
    It gets tougher and faster as you close in. If you can hit five or more at net you go to next major step.
    This would be to start out similarly but not just clears. Do drives low over the net as you close in.
    Doing this alone will improve your speed and dexterity, both very important in badminton.
    In doubles practice use table tennis doubles rule. This is where you and your partner only hit every other shot, no matter where on the court it is. Beware: do not run into each other. G'luck!

  34. I have a badminton game tomorrow and I'm really excited but also scared because I am playing against older advanced players,any last minute advice ??

  35. i have a try -out for badminton tommorow,but its very difficult to me to hold the rocket properly, maybe because ,ive started doing it in a different way, and its very difficult for me to adjust…should i stick to the way i hold my rocket or do the proper way?

  36. but i if i do the proper way ,maybe my smash will missed up..because my hand cannot do it in a proper way,but i think it takes a long time to do it..but the case is my game will be tommorow so im waiting for your wise feedback..i just cant rid of this slanting forehand!!!

  37. i wish you can couch me …someday!!! because i really admire you , the way you teach,you just dont teach sir lee but you also inspired people and motivate them with your inspirational words 

  38. Coach I have a powerful smash but sometimes lose my balance and by this I am unable to play the smash returns near the net.Can you give me tips to improve balance court??

  39. Coach Lee, first I must apologise I hope you didn't mind my posting on here. I respect your skills and the way you teach various techniques and like someone also said you have a unique way of inspiring players.
    I've been coaching ever since I was 35 yrs. old and have been using things I learned when I was coached in clinics and vastly improved my skills.
    Thank you for all that you do in your videos and am also looking forward to techniques and other things as Mark Symons is doing in England. It is not as common to find places to play in the U.S. as there.
    Thank you again.

  40. I appreciate it. Thanks coach Lee, Badminton is my passion as it is with you and I can't stop promoting this extraordinary sport. Yes I'm working on it, I promise. Best regards!

  41. Wow it's amazing how much your skilled coaching and wonderful series on here. You have helped me improve my skills! Your a very talented person!

  42. My students are no wing visiting your channel after taking badminton in phys. Ed. Class. Awesome instructor and incredible game!!!

  43. Sir Lee…thanks to this video …i have confident.. in myself now..this is my 2month playing badminton…really like all of your videos…that u upload its so….awsome …your the best…Sir Lee😊😀 now i deafeat 2team from now…thank you!!! Keep it up sir Lee…

  44. Sir Lee how to defend myself in smash shot..when i play with my friend he always got me .. its so hard to get that ball.i always injured in that situation..pls help ,,sir Lee

  45. Sir Lee,Nick Is Here…I wanna Say thx for the video and it help me much better when playing badminton with my Friend..keep going and Thx Again Sir Lee.Nick

  46. Hi, Coach Lee. I understand it may not be appropriate to post this here, but then again I don't know which video to comment on anyway. But I am just wondering as I'm sure a lot of your big fans such as myself are.. 1) What are your favourite rackets to use? 2) What rackets have you tried & love or do you recommend for speed, and what rackets for offensive?

    Thank you. You inspire me everyday, and recently I have joined my first ever tournament. I watch your videos all the time, and try to remember them as much as I can.

  47. Sir Lee is the greatest ..Mr.Lee can you help me out with two problems please??…when I am playing doubles I freeze up and lose focus during the game and during any of the game styles when I play drop shot at the net I am having problems getting under the lift to play either a smash or drop shot because I am tall for a 14year old boy

  48. Oh and sir I have a problem with my arm swing which causes my drop shots from rear court to be too high and my smashes too flat and powerful but no steep enough to win A point

  49. 저는 배드민턴을 시작한지 5년차에 들어갑니다. 저의 배드민턴 실력은 아마도 이 코치님의 코칭을 접하기 전과 후로 완전히 나뉘어질거 같습니다.
    계속 준비자세를 취하고, 영혼을 담은 마음가짐과 ,팔을 앞쪽에 두고, 치는 것만으로도 단 몇일 사이에 저의 실력이 두배로 늘어난 느낌입니다. 잘 뛰지 못하던 저의 점핑이 가벼워지고, 예전에는 포기하던 구석의 볼을 열심히 치고 있고, 수비력이 훨씬 좋아졌습니다. 너무나 감사합니다. 실제 게임에서 꼭 필요한 기술들과 원리를 설명해주시는 논리성이 정말 이해하는데 큰 도움이 되고 동기부여가 됩니다.

  50. +Sourabh Kumar, did you not get the fact that I'm a player after reading my posts? I'm sorry, what did you miss?

  51. sir,my backhand shot is weak and when i play this shot,the shuttle goes high in the air but doesn't travel more distance and therefore shuttle goes very near to opponent's court and i loose my point..please help me out.

  52. I am 11, I have been playing badminton for 3 years now. My footwork a year ago was horrible, I've watched your videos and my footwork and everything is great! I am glad to call you coach! Thank you a lot!

  53. you know its gonna be a really good badminton video when the first sentence has grammar problems…

  54. Sir when i play my mind goes blank and play a wrong return. I forget everything. After the game i realise what wrong i do but next time same thing happens. Cant understand why this happens to me on the court?

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