How To Become Captain of Your Hockey Team 🏒

– Hey hockey players. Coach Garner here from In this video, I wanna talk about, what it takes to become a captain. Look, we get this question a lot here at What can I do to increase my
chances of becoming a captain? How do I become a captain? It all begins up here and it ends here. First an foremost, you have to realize, the reality behind the idea
that the moment you decide to become a captain or the
moment you do become a captain, you become more than just a hockey player. You become an example. You need to provide an
example to your coach and provide an example for your team, that you deserve to
have the captain’s spot. The captain is a leader and the captain is who’s
going to guide the team during the high times,
but more importantly, during the low times. So what example could you provide for your team and for your coach that you’re gonna be there
for them, no matter what? Consistency. Consistency is the number one quality of all high achievers out there and consistency is the number one quality you need to have if becoming
the captain this year is something that is meaningful to you. Look, all high achievers
can think their way in to an achieving way of behaving and the can behave their way, in to an achieving way of thinking. It works both ways, but
consistency is the seed of growth, that fuels both ways no matter what. If you’re a consistent person, that means you’re gonna
be there for the team, during the high times and the low times. Nobody joined the NHL after
one week of great work-outs. Nobody got in shape after
one week of great work-outs. Nobody thinks they’re an
awesome hockey player, after scoring one goal in one game. The captain understands
that consistency over time, is what drives ultimate achievement, for themself and for their team. So the captain never talks
about one epic work-out. The captain never brags on social media, about one epic goal. The captain does none of this stuff to draw attention to any
single one achievement. Because consistency is what’s ultimately is gonna drive the example and the example’s what’s
ultimately gonna drive the team. That’s what matters the
most at the end of the day. Okay. You need to understand, you’re gonna become an
example for everybody and exemplify the tools and qualities that are worthy of being an example. You need to work hard. You need to show up on time. You need to follow your
nutritional guidelines. You need to be the first one at the gym and the last one to leave. You gotta be the first one at the rink and the last one to leave. You can’t complain, even if
you don’t feel good that day. That doesn’t help the team at all. Do you want the fastest trip possible to not becoming the captain? It’s to show up and complain. To give people bad energy. If yo don’t feel good, it doesn’t matter. You’re gonna smile,
you’re gonna go out there and you’re gonna make thing happen. Why? Because in a lot of
cases, most of the time, motivation actually precedes action. Or sorry, succeeds action. It’s actually the action first that is what’s going to motivate you. You ever have a work-out
where you felt bad when you got to the gym but then you ended up feeling amazing? That happens on the ice. That happens at practice. That happens in games. That’s gonna happen in the dressing room. You ever talk to someone and you actually were tired from work or tired from school,
or tired from a project that you’re working on? But then that person was so high energy, in such a good mood and smiling and being goofy and silly, that that actually brought your mood up? It’s mirror neurons. You can gain energy from someone
else just by watching them. That’s what the captain’s
supposed to provide for everybody. Every single time they walk
into the dressing room, that’s what you have to provide. You gotta be the example. Have all the qualities. Most importantly, be consistent. And don’t tell me that
you’re a competitor. Okay, we get this a lot. Well I’m real competitive, I’m a competitive person so
I’ll be the captain out there. Everybody’s competitive, okay. We’re all competitive. Only about 5% of you
know how to win though. If you start thinking
like a five percenter and more importantly,
acting like a five percenter that is gonna be your straight line drive to becoming captain this year.

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  1. I know it’s a year late but I was scrolling through my recommended and I saw this and today I became captain of my hockey team and I was always complaining why I wasn’t captain last year and I realized today after being captain for a day is rough. So I want to thank you for giving the good advice

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