How To Break-In A Baseball Or Softball Glove

Not all gloves are game ready right out of
the box. In fact, most of the time, gloves need to
be broken in before they are ready to use. Every player has a specific way they want
their glove to feel and perform. But it is import to break in the glove the
correct way. Here are the quick and easy steps to breaking
in your glove. Step 1: condition the leather. You will want to start with a dime sized amount
of glove oil or cream. We suggest using an applicator sponge to work
the oil into every area of the glove, which includes the palm, fingers, laces, and backside. The laces are important because they handle
most of the stress from catching the ball. Once you are finished, use a paper towel to
wipe off any excess oil. Step 2: shaping the glove. Shaping the glove is an important step because
this is where you form the pocket. To begin, place the ball inside the mitt where
the pocket meets the palm. This is where the ball is caught most of the
time so you want to make sure it’s formed properly. Now, place bands around the glove. You want the bands to form an X shape. This shape will allow the open side to have
a band across the top and bottom, which will better secure the ball in the pocket. Now, let the glove sit out overnight in room
temperature. This will allow the oil to further condition
the leather and let the glove continue to form. Step 3: breaking in the glove. Once you remove the ball and bands, you will
now have a good foundation for a pocket. You just need to do a little work to break
it in. We suggest using a mallet to help with the
break in process because it simulates catching a ball in the pocket. It also allows you to adjust the glove to
fit your taste and speed up the break-in time. Place the glove on your hand and hit the glove
with the mallet for about 5-10 minutes. Concentrate on hitting the area of the glove
where the ball will be caught. Move the mallet around to soften up some of
the more stiff areas of the glove. Once finished, re-wrap the glove with the
shaping ball and let it sit overnight. Step 4: playing catch. The last step is to simply play catch with
your glove. Concentrate on catching the ball in the pocket. We recommend using the mallet once a day until
you are satisfied with the way your glove feels. Also, reapplying oil periodically throughout
the season will help the glove stay in peak condition. If you have followed these steps, you should
now have a glove that fits you well and is game ready.

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  1. It's important to oil the fingers and the laces in between the fingers because the glove will bend and stretch every time it is opened and closed. Oiling the fingers and laces will soften up the leather and allow it to bend and stretch easier which will cut down on normal wear and tear. If you oil the pocket but not the fingers, it could cause a weak or dry spot in the glove that could potentially break in the future.

  2. I just play catch, stretch the fingers to make it flexible, put a baseball or two in the pocket and sit/sleep on it (literally) and play catch… Works every time.

  3. You know whats better and faster, on a hot day put your glove inside a black bag then put it in your car and When it starts getting colder get your glove right away if you don't its gonna harden up

  4. @imDooZeH I have heard people using that method. It just always makes me nervous with the risk of ruining a nice glove.

  5. does anybody know how to get a crease out of a firstbasemans trapper? there is a crease/lump down the middle of my pocket. I play everyday in my highschools academyts starting to get pretty anoying . Thanks

  6. @ItalianStallion220 It depends on the type of leather. For instance, Kangaroo leather is very porous and tends to soak in the oil, which does tend to make them flimsy. But generally a good steer leather won't.

  7. my a2000 came with a tag on it saying "No matter who the know it all is DO NOT put this glove in the oven or a microwave. IT WILL DO DAMAGE" ahahahah

  8. If any of you need to break in a first base mitt, I have a video on my channel if you want to check it out. Thanks -bigt6991

  9. I've been told not to put oil in it because that makes it heavy. I just got a Mizuno Global Elite Catcher's mitt. I can return it in about 30 days if I don't like it, I spilled oil by accident in my old glove and I've been told to put shaving cream on this new one.

  10. @tng150 yes shaving cream! I use that an t doesn't make it heavy and it actully cleans it! Just don't use to much. Put the shaving cream on you fingers and work it in! Just don't use the gel shaving cream!

  11. what you all really need to do is rub in shaving cream for about 5 minutes, tie rubber bands around it, and sleep on it. you do this for at least a week. its the hard way, but its the right way, the right way to break in a glove

  12. dont do this, it will ruin the shape of your glove (for softball, idk about baseball) as the glove will close up making catching grounders near impossible

  13. Honestly its dumb to "oil your glove" or even form it with a softball because if you are forming the pocket but at the same time making the glove have a narow opening for the ball to go I to the glove. I prefer breaking it in naturally to form it to my hand.

  14. you are supposed to condition the leather no matter what your opinion is on how to break it in, it is better for the leather.

  15. Well guess what I didn’t got water condition or steam all I did was beat the brake points with a mallet and play catch and I broke it in in 3 days it also has a Beautiful flare🤤🤤

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