Say something funny Your face and with those words welcome to unisport uncut 59 This is Joltter. I’m Jay Mike and today Joltter nice guitar you hex exactly in the other place We’re gonna talk about why pro football is how they break in their boots when they get new boots all the flippin time It’s a question We get a lot, and we thought it was a brilliant one so oh we should just get going 10 minutes on the clock There we go no sound that’s how it goes but basically we have a box here it says um, bro UX accurate o2 Pro FG for the players But this is that you know these boots get sent to players which in this case is me Hey They get sent the players all the time They get new boots all the time every time a new colorway comes out They get on like they get a lot of those colorways um and so they have to break in the boots to be able to play in them and And kind of feel comfortable in them how do they do that and you know? The reason why we feel like we can actually you know chip in party this conversation is because we try a lot of boots on a Weekly basis exactly so instead of like you know owning a couple pairs of boots You know new colorway is coming out play test all this shebang yah So we try a lot of boots that we have to break in Fast as lightning exactly basically. We’re not getting just the same boot every time We’re getting new boots So we’re basically even you know in terms of braking and we’re mostly than the pros are because we have to change boots with certain Or with different like heel stiffnesses and different types of lockdown and all that you know different materials So our feet never get used to just one pair of boots. We don’t have our personal orthotics We can throw in it’s just basically getting the boots breaking them in like that Yeah Before we get started talking about that Do remember guys that uh? You should kind of do yourself a favor go subscribe to our channel because not only are we gonna be super super happy So thank you by the way you plug it already. I’m fucking it already Well you just go and do it because you’re gonna make us happy And if you make us happy we’re gonna make better content for you guys so we can deliver videos and then almost there The videos you making is like you know we need some more subscribers So you can make more videos anyways doors are breaking your football clock over Basically, you know there are a couple of things to consider here Yes, first of all depending on what kind of a pro You are the boots that will be sent to your house to the training ground. We don’t know how that works Might already be modified according to the shape of your feet yes, that’s one thing another thing could be that you know the the pros train even in older boots in all the colorways and Only bring out the new guns to the match days yes that they obviously will use here and there on the game I would say the training yes some people and many the last thing in my opinion is personal preferences some people just Love to take a boot straight out of the box play in a game right away John Terry John Terry Basically ah I think the rumors were that he wore our three persons per game Yes, so he basically just had a boot for warming up boot for first half and boot for the second half Yeah, that’s a lot of football boots Yeah, there was some kind of a calculation how much money that actually was the number is gonna be on the screen right now It’s a lot of money You know some people need to break in their boots for two weeks before they feel comfortable playing in those at Actual football games. Yeah some people love to take them directly out of the box you know factory laced everything good to go and some people because they have a Quirky big toe they need Nike to you know make some different stitch exactly now our We’re also gonna discuss it in another video But basically you’re only going to get these modifications if you’re like the big bosses So if you just like you and me and and you know you want to know how the pros do well There are a few things you can actually do because if you’re not the kind of guy who can just walk straight into a new Pair of boots I mean you can do that to most dudes these days because they’re also Relatively soft they’re easy to break in you’re not gonna get blisters from that many boots these days anyway But if you’re the kind of guy that kind of feels like say the Nemesis is a little bit too stiff and you wanted to soften up You shouldn’t just go straight into a match you should always go out, aah Like a lot of the pros do and then train in the new boots before you actually break them in that’s what I also why? We see that sometimes the the pros can kind of like unintentionally show us upcoming colorways before they actually drop because they’re getting them especially if there are photographers at the training ground for Whatever reason for whatever reason it happens and then the pros are out breaking in their new boots because they have to wear them in the Upcoming match because this is when they drop this is when the brands want the visibility but then they have to get like acquainted with them and Get them to soft knob and break them in and all that jazz yeah So so that’s kind of the stuff you can do train train train if you don’t really have time to go and train you can Pull the jolted rig the hot water drink, would you always do when you get a new pair of boots? we have to go on a shoot, and they don’t really match the weird shape of your foot yeah Rarely anybody ever does so like we put on them honestly the the last couple of years the best experience I’ve had has been with the flighted ultra yeah out of the box Get to go what I mean if you take a look at this picture of the material which is basically your foot and my foot In a mercurial you can you can see how much of a different series so I can go straight into material? I can just take it straight out into a match because it fits my foot shape and the material is soft enough for me to Actually play in especially the super flies But for you you would have to kind of like either do the hot water trick or break them in yeah Oh, I would you know even if I did the hot water trick I wouldn’t play a game right away No matter you wouldn’t we no no I always used to like breaking the boots for Enough time and then maybe use them for three games Get a new one in but that’s the thing I mean pros obviously they have all these They all have all these little ways and they have a lot of people looking after their boots But but I do feel that you know they kind of used the same tricks that we do we saw back in the days where Christiana was rocking his his really really really terrible Superfly twos That he also did the hot water trick because you basically had to back then because the upper was so stiff So crystianna used to hug water trick like like the probably made it famous probably and he was like But nevertheless I had a brilliant point that I just forgot ok um It was something about prose It’s gonna come back to me keep talking, okay, I can I can happily do that because that’s the thing again I mentioned it the boots these days are becoming so soft and so are nice that I rarely ever experience. You know having a bad Break in time exactly and now I remembered my points Which was that obviously also some players we have been talking with a lot of players about boots Some players like to change boots after every game some people have these rituals that if they score They will keep on going with the same pair some people Paolo Maldini just out of the top of my head He said he will play a full year with the same. Yes obviously nowadays There are more call away, so they might have to switch even if I didn’t want to but that That has nothing to do with breaking in but it was just like a random nose was that the point that was the point Where’s the brilliant part in that it really a part was that we move on okay? but anyway So so my tip would actually be to always when when you when you go through a lot of football boots Or you want to quickly break in a pair. I mean you can obviously watch some of the videos We’ve made. You can see that on the screen you can go with the hot water trick And and then you can also kind of really just make sure to go out play with them Put them on just I make them like even at home ya know Just get a feel of what it’s like to play with them because ultimately The only thing that matters is your performances in actual games Yeah, so you don’t want to take any chances bringing in a brand-new pair even though They might loot might might look fresh brand new all crispy y-yes. Whatever. Yeah, it’s not worth it No, it might be but the risk is too big yes And and the thing is taking out a pair of boots that you haven’t tried before and you don’t know what they’re gonna be like Can be a very very painful experience Yeah, I’m now gonna do something that that it’s not gonna be a pleasant for for someone you to watch I’m gonna take up my my leg on my table, and you can kind of see here It’s like that is what happens when you When you run out of blister tape and you try a pair of boots for the first time hello should now show some like Images of like flowers or something till I can’t calm down after this I’m just saying that that you should really think about Not taking a fresh pair of boots out to a match before you’ve at least tried them and you know that they’re not gonna kill Your feet because I made that mistake. I thought this is gonna be fine I didn’t bring a spare pair like I normally do I was screwed Oh Like and I was doing everything I wore my grip socks everything I was done, so so that’s another thing um Go through your you know like find out how sensitive your feet are find out What works in terms of preventing blisters? Do you need more grip in the ground you need to wear some tape on? Your heels like you can get this padded mature tape you can wear that in in like Sensitive areas of your foot you can use the hot water trick if you need the booster To expand you can do all that sort of stuff, but you just need to figure out What works for you? And then do it because that’s what the pros are doing exactly and like a quick checklist like I just said is basically Know your boots like back when I was playing I had 20 pairs of the Predators I know. I’m just gonna say they’re absolutes yes You know I had 20 pairs of those all the pow’rs works, so I knew how many times I wanna wear those in games And how much time I would have to put aside to break them in And then I had like training pairs that were like all over the place because they were like overstretched yes So, but that’s not a that’s not gonna be the case with boots today But it’s a really good idea to know your people know your boot Yes know what you like and get comfortable with your routine obviously if you I’m gonna stop you right here because And Obviously you know if you for many guys out there You only have one boots per year of course so you know? You can afford rid of your old boots. You know maybe don’t bring the brand new pair to your game use the old one and You know give some love In pair ease it into things like you know so the moment you kind of feel discomfort in your feet go back to the old pair that you know you can trust and you feel comfortable in so don’t ever play in a pair of boots that that hurt your Feet like don’t don’t be J. Don’t make the same mistake I did I know I’ve been preaching and the moment that I slip up and I don’t bring my blister tape I don’t bring an extra pair of boots It’s the moment that that I got messed up and obviously we have seen here and there big professional players Changing boots yes on the sidelines during a match and so on so you know it happens And you know summing it all up I think the pros use a lot of the same tips and tricks we have also spoke about in this episode That’s on our Channel and so on and if you are Cr7 level of a big baller you know then you can call Nike as a look man I like the stitching yeah, we’re gonna do it like this yes for me and even though yeah, final thing is that if you have problems you can do like Cuttino and hormones and What’s it called the guy from vertigo from Chelsea did which is called holes in your boots but again? You don’t want to do that to boots. They could do it because they just get a new pair shifting I mean if they cut it wrong. They’re gonna make one phone call you’re the Nike bucks and send me a semi ten more That’s the way it works, but you also we’re out of time That’s how this man But guys let us know what you think is the? secret to breaking in boots When you have to wear new ones all the time you should do that in the comment section right down below And you should you have to do it so that other people can also get your wonderful idea. I mean these are our Ideas yes Maybe you have something we have never even thought about Exactly and as you can tell even the guys with the ideas can get messed up sometimes Planning for the images of my foot now if you do need a new pair of football boots You can get them by clicking the link right over George’s head you should also do yourself a favor go subscribe to our channels put the notifications also that I mentioned so You’re gonna plug that Sega. I’m gonna plug in a second time and also Cool uncut videos right down here and Joseph where that’s a we’re gonna sign off cheerio


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