How To Break In Your Softball Bat

Hey softball fans, this is Kyle with We’re out here today to teach you all how
to break in your softball bat. Most of you probably know, a majority of softball
bats on the market today are composite based. It’s like a carbon fiber material. With these types of bats, they take a little
while to break in. So, today we’re going to show you how to get
these going. First step is actually going to be to get
your bat all ready to go to the batting cage. We’re going to start by just taking some real
soft swings, focusing on putting the barrel on the ball. You want to try and distribute your hits throughout
the barrel. Make sure the entire sweet spot really opens
up. But, basically, we’re just going to sit here
and take a couple hacks. About every ten swings or so I’m going to
give the bat slight quarter turn just to make sure that we’re breaking in the entire barrel
and not just one side. Then we’ll go through another ten swings and
give it another quarter turn. Make sure that we’re evenly distributing the
hits. This is just one way to do it. There are a lot of other ways. This is just what we recommend at Alright, guys. As you saw, we just got done taking some hits. Basically, we went ten swings, gave the bat
a quarter turn, make sure to distribute the hits throughout the entire barrel. Pretty much when you start this out you’ll
want to go ahead and take some real nice easy swings and as you get through a couple rounds
then you can really start to swing away. You’ll really start to feel this thing start
to open up. That’s about it. Pretty basic process. Just really getting the barrel on the ball. Most bats take between 100 and 150 cuts before
they really start to open up. That’s about it for right now. Hope you guys have a good day and don’t forget,
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  1. @oufankobe12 Yes, just make sure when you go to the cage, to use regular baseballs, not the yellow dippled compression balls, as they are too hard on composite bats.

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