How to Build a Baseball Bat Rack

Now I started off the search by finding what
would be the perfect shape to hold the actual bat so I took a scrap piece of wood and I
cut it and first i did this rounded V and then I did a U and I wanted to see cause this
one I thought it could hold like any size bat but it turns out baseball bats are pretty
much all the same size at the handle so I think the U will just be better and uh so
when I tested it my results where better with the U so then I went on paint and made a template
and this is what it looks like so here’s my template and each of these are going to be
a notch for each bat so now I am going to use my circular saw to just cut out the outline
pattern which is a square now you could do this on a table saw but I don’t have one so
you can always use a circular saw and now I have the main outline of my baseball rack
holder and now your gonna wanna cut out these on your scroll saw or band saw and you can
either cut this end out on your scroll saw or band saw or if you have a table saw just
run it through their real quick so after you cut out this piece your gonna
wanna take it and measure on a piece of plywood how long it is and just set a mark on your
plywood and cut it out to the length that you have and then take it and go down about
7, 7-1/2 inches down and mark it for the width and then your gonna wanna take this actual
bat the bat holder part and your gonna wanna measure how far it is from this point to this
point and mine is 4 inches so then on another piece of plywood mark make a four by four
square and cut it out so it’s a four by four square and it’s cut out and then cut that
square in half so you get two triangle and with those triangles they’re gonna be your
supports so you take the rack for the bat and you set it up so its a little a little
bit over the edge there and except I am doing it on here and put the triangles flush to
the piece so here’s the final projects and we have all the bats hanging on it it holds
6 bats and I have had this for a couple months now since this build was a little earlier
before and I just decided to post it now but its been holding up really good thanks for
watching and don’t forget to check out my website and visit
me on keek, lumber jocks and make sure you check out my other video I posted today too
it’s a shop tour of my whole shop I’m going to post one each year probably so thanks for
watching and make sure you watch that shop tour too, bye.

7 thoughts on “How to Build a Baseball Bat Rack

  1. Nice using what you've got! I highly recommend using Google Sketchup for making your plans and template. It's totally free and easy to use after you learn the basics. Keep on building!

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