How to Build a Bat House : How to Add Mesh to a Bat House

In this step we will be attaching the ceiling
and the plastic mesh to the back of the bat house. The mesh is used so the bats have something
to climb up and use with their claws to get into the house with. To install the ceiling
we take our three-quarter inch piece of ceiling stalk that we cut, we line it up with the
top edge of our side rails, this way, and then we drill through the sides with our screws.
Ensuring that the ceiling is flat and square to the back. Again, only drawing the screws
down to flush with the sidewalls. Now, we take the plastic mesh, we unroll it, and we cut it. You can use a
pair of scissors for this, or a pair of tin snips to cut this plastic mesh with. Unroll
the plastic mesh into the bottom, take your staple gun, put about four staples across
the bottom and up the sidewalls about every six inches, and then put it at a staple across
the top. With our bird house, we require a second mesh next to the first. Again, line
the bottom up, you add your staples at the bottom, and again about every six inches up
the mesh to the top. When you’re finished your mesh and ceiling should look similar
to this. And this is how you add the mesh and the ceiling to your bat house.

6 thoughts on “How to Build a Bat House : How to Add Mesh to a Bat House

  1. Do we have to watch each screw go in? I do like the plastic mesh idea… easier than numerous saw cuts. Do we have to watch each piece of mesh go in. Good Grief, if someone needs that _shown_ to them, then they are too stupid to use a staple gun, let alone a table saw.

  2. Very critical comments.. how many how to videos have you created and uploaded to YouTube? I personally haven't done any… Looks like he used gutter guard maybe another part of this video explained that. Its an older video and maybe they didn't know how to do time lapse… big deal. Thanks for the video.

  3. I like the use of the Gutter Guard. And this is a clean design for a DIY bat house. I'll be making something like this as a model for a boy scout troup. Thanks for sharing!

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