100 thoughts on “How To Build a Mini Backyard Rink

  1. This is a good idea. Will probably give it a try out here. We don’t get those long periods of subzero temps here in Wyoming. So a smaller rink would probably a better option for me. Thanks Jeremy.

  2. Worked Great , nice and easy!! tried it Long Island NY…..Go Team USA and Islanders can't wait til they get out of Brooklyn and come back to the burbs

  3. I live in Atl GA and even though it doesn’t get very cold here I was still able to make a backyard rink bigger than that so the technique works

  4. Do you think this would work with Ohio weather? I’m not sure cause we get weeks that are deathly cold and then the next is spring weather. So it might be hard to maintain.

  5. Blergh… maybe 10 years ago this would have succeeded in Finland. But nowadays there's no more -40 C winters, or even -25 C. Usually hovers around +5 C … -10 C.

  6. Medium size trash can, plastic foldable table and small workout weights, water in trashcan then add snow, make slush, pour like concrete and drage table with weights like a zamboni. Quik easy, and can be as big as you want

  7. Beyond the great instructions, you're a natural in front of a camera! Well done! Can't wait to see your next video!

  8. so what?. its to tiny my slapper can probably cover that tiny thing with snow in one shot. well  good job making it

  9. just scrape the snow out with your stick put water in the amount of room you have wait a day for it to turn to ice then put a net then your done

  10. "2 x 4s" are 1.5" x 3.5" because they've been planed. You can buy rough-cut ones that are the full 2" x 4" size, but they are rough, obviously.

  11. Thank you very much for another inspiration, Jeremy! You really do an excellent job, it seems you live and breathe hockey.

    By the way, I like this beanie A LOT. Where did you get it? Will it still be available?

  12. Yeah we don't have that option in California. How to make a mini "rink" for shooting California edition: get a snipers edge shooting pad and a net. Done.

  13. The wood is smaller because wen its cut it is wet and wen it dries it shrinks – im a carpenter

  14. Coach J the lowest price I can get it for is $65.08 I thought you said it was under $50.00 which hard warestore did you use

  15. Hi there, I know nothing about skating let alone ice rinks, but I do have 3 tiny children on a farm, who I need to entertain all winter. Would it make sense to build this under shelter? We have a huge open air pole barn. It seems to me it would be easier to maintain if there wasn't snow constantly falling on it. This is probably a majorly dumb question, but like I said, haha, no ice experience.

  16. Yes I’m trying but I don’t got wood to put around it and idk what to do ofc I’m in Canada it’s snowing a lot so I’m not sure what to do cuz I really wanna make one to prac to ce

  17. Crosby this is way too tiny. Ov. You can pick up the book and then let it fly into the night that’s how it probably works. Crosby no. Ov what about you be good as me and I will be better than you oh wow

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