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Upgrade your ball field from this into this see how coming up next! Hello I am thesheik12 and welcome to another video where today we are going to show you how to make a realistic Baseball or softball field now the biggest factor I use to make these realistic fields is figuring out the measurements. Now every square in City Skylines is actually 8 meters by 8 meters. Now I want a softball field that is 200 feet from the fence to home plate and 60 feet where the bases are apart so what I’m going to do is I’m going to Google feet to meters and plug in all the info for every measurement that I need So for 200 feet I got 61 meters rounding it And then I will take that and divide it 61 by 8 And I get 7.625 now this means that the line that I will need to stretch from home plate To the fence will be 7 2/3 squares So that is how I create the entire field basically off of those measurements and then we also Do the bases and 60 feet ends up being 2 and 1/4 squares and that’s how we figured those measurements out and then in softball usually the field is the same 200 feet around or whatever anywhere from 150 to 250 feet Depending on how big you want your field, but that is the gist. That is pretty much the dimensions, and how we come up with them. Now backstop wise the best field fence that I came up with is the short chain fence by Petreak And you can find that in the workshop – the link will be in the description below And then you just get resourceful so Moog’s Small extra small highway lines we use. That’s how we make the bases and home plate and then my favorite fence in the entire game is the extra the chain-link fence that comes with the Natural Disasters DLC I use this all the time. So basically once we get the outskirts all squared away the next part is going to be making the infield dirt and for that we are going to use Ronyx69’s Ploppable Gravel. Now he has gravel, grass, cliff textures, pavement, and asphalt, but for this we are going to use the gravel. Now you can see here, what I try to do is I use as many of the circles as possible And that gives me a better way to make it look rounded on the outside because the baseball infield diamonds are not straight so once we get the outliers in there then we’re gonna come along and use these small squares to kind of connect the dots and connect these small curves as you can see coming up right here. That is gonna give us the ever so slight curve and it’ll just make it look a lot more smooth a lot more rounded. That’s usually the biggest problem that people have. Now I’ve had requests to put something like this and make it in the workshop, but the way I do it, there would just be too many props. I was thinking maybe maybe we can put just the infield together and put that on the workshop, and then you guys can go nuts With the other stuff. Now once you figure out the dimensions, this is the finished product of our softball field. There’s a lot of other things you can do you can make a minimalistic one kind of like it’s just a small park and recreation you can make a complex, I see this a lot, and this is the scale of baseball to softball now Really quick we are going to show you how to make the baseball infield but everything is pretty much the same for the baseball field we use 330 feet and that came out to 12.5 squares and the bases were 90 feet apart which was 3 1/3 swears So once we got that we got those dimensions down pat all the rest of it was Just putting in the infield now the biggest difference for all you based sports fans out there for baseball or softball is The infield is grass and most of the time For baseball at least Or for softball most of the time like I said before softball is an all dirt into it so Pretty much. It’s the exact same Rounding off of the infield to make a little smooth but the beautiful thing is you don’t have to settle for just a Chain-link fence like if you are doing a small college, and you wanted to go completely crazy You can use the network network walls you can do a brick wall on the outside You can use Ronyx69’s ivy and put that against the wall make it kind of look like Wrigley Field You can put bleachers on the outside you can either make dugouts The possibilities are endless now this video inspired you to build that Little League field your sims have been craving for give it a like leave a comment and smash that subscribe button thanks for watching. I am thesheik12 and I will see you again soon when it will be Time To Build

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  1. Another fantastic tutorial! For a Brit who has never even seen a baseball field this was very interesting, also like the fact you have worked out the grid vales vs real life! Keep them coming!

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