43 thoughts on “How to Buy a Baseball Bat

  1. lmao…. ur telling me to get a life???? ur a freakin runescape nerd….. and u paying money for FREE games….loser

  2. 1. its a fucking game… now tell me youve never played a video game before? thats all it is…

    2. you dont know me, so its not right of you to make assumptions that im a loser…..

    3. one of your favorite video is a guy drawing penises….

    4. idc if you reply, im done arguing with kids.

  3. Reminds me of the first time I unveiled my baseball bat made entirely of vampire bat carcasses. I didn't know what scared the kids more, the bat, my hitting, or the fact that I wasn't registered to participate in their league.

  4. Why the hell is someone teaching me how to purchase sporting equipment? If is isn't already apparent, everyone knows how to buy stuff, and kids, well their parents would buy them stuff… Fucking weird

  5. this is stupid it does not matter about height it matter on muscle if u can swing a 29 ounce bat do it if u can't pick a smaller one

  6. how to buy a baseball bat 
    1 go to a sports store
    2 spend money
    3 drive back to my house 
    4 realize i wasted my time
    5 i smash my computer
    6 i go to buy a new computer

  7. I'm 5"8 94 pounds. I'm in 7th grade. I have to use a 30 oz bat for my school team. This isn't very accurate

  8. 1. Go to a store.
    2. buy a baseball bat.
    3. Go home.
    4. Play baseball outside with your mental friends.

    Did you know: Birds fly.

  9. How to buy baseball bat
    "Open pc"
    "Play csgo"
    "rage hard"
    "Goto store"
    "Buy candy instead"
    "Sell some can ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!

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