How to Catch a Baseball : How to Catch a Baseball With Two Hands

Hi, I’m Bill Rogan, along with Andy Cornell,
and on behalf of Expert Village — with your two hands, you want to have this hand here.
It’s just a support hand, so if the ball happens to pop out, if the ball pops out, you can
help keep the ball in your glove. Keep it secure in your glove. Make sure you don’t
put your hand in front of the glove — just keep it here. So the ball comes, and then
it’s easy to get the ball out of the glove with two hands. And believe me, you may think
you’re styling with one-handed catches, but when you drop a ball using one hand, you look
very foolish. So always two hands, bring it to the throwing position, four seams. It always
helps to catch with two hands. If you catch with one hand, this to this takes time. If
you catch with two hands, and it’s bam, right there. A lot quicker. So, work on getting
a proper grip on the baseball, catching with two hands. It will help enormously.

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