How to Catch a Baseball : How to Do the Glove-to-Throw in Baseball

Expert Village. We are going to talk a little
bit about throwing the baseball. If you are a pitcher, you want the ball to sink, you
want it to sail, you want to dart you want it to do all sorts of things, makes it tougher
for the batter to hit. On the flip side, when you throw a baseball to one of your team mates,
you want it to be as straight and true as possible you don’t the ball to stepping and
darting and to do that you want to get the proper foreseam grip. Here’s the proper grip
when you throw the ball; thumb tucked under and the reason being when you throw the ball
and it comes out of your fingers you have four seams breaking air it will tend to stay
straighter than if you threw the ball this way where the seams may make it sink. So you
want to make it as easy to throw as possible for fielder. So you want to throw across the
seams. Now your mom always tells you; don’t play ball in the house but here is a drill
you can do at home sitting in a chair. Take your glove, just throw the ball in chair,
pull it out and get the proper grip. It’s going to be tough at first but when you do
this a few hundred times, pretty soon every time you reach into that glove you are going
to pull that baseball out with the proper grip. Right there. So you can do that at home.
Just don’t miss the glove because then Mom will really be mad. But anyway, throw the
ball into the glove pull it out with the proper grip. Again, four seam grip. When you are
in the outfield you want to come over the top and make a strong true throw. Sometimes,
in the infield you are throwing at different angles, but you still want to get that four
seam grip. Here comes a throw. Pull it out, four seam grip right there. And work on getting
the ball out of the glove quick, four seam grip. It always helps to catch with two hands.

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