How to Clean Baseball Pants

Have you ever had to clean a baseball
uniform with ground in red clay, mud, or grass stains? Today I’m going to share
with you the process I’ve found that’s had the best results for me, and it’s simple
enough for you to try at home. I live in the southeastern part of the United
States, and we’re known for the red clay in our area. Our baseball infields are a
nice orange clay and our outfields are grass and rich soil.
All of which stain very easily. Since my son needs his baseball pants for
practice tomorrow, I thought this was the perfect time to show you what I usually
do to get his pants clean again. This pair of pants are probably the dirtiest
he has ever given me because we had rain last week, and he didn’t bring them home
from school until after five days of practice in the mud. At the end of this
video, I’m going to share with you 2 other methods I’ve used if his white
pants needed extra help to get white again, but today we’re working with the
grey pants. The soap I’m using is called Fels Naphtha, and it can be found in
most grocery stores or Walmart stores in the laundry section. I usually pay
between $1.00 and $1.25 for a bar, and I go through about 2 bars a year
between school ball and travel ball seasons, so this cleaning method is not
very expensive. First I rinse the pants to get any solid dirt off of them and to
wet the fabric. Next I start working on one section of the pants at a time. Today
I’m starting with the bottom of the legs first. I’m using a kitchen sponge with a
non-abrasive scrubbing texture on one side of it. If you’re cleaning a fabric
that might fray, then you may want to find a soft brush to do this instead of
the textured sponge. I have found that some brands of ball pants are easier to
clean than others. The pair I’m cleaning today is by Under Armour, and it’s made
of 100% polyester. To keep from having a puddle on my floor, I wring out the
fabric for the section I’m working on and I spread it flat on the counter.
Using the wet sponge, I add some of the soap bar onto the side of the sponge
with the textured surface, and then I began scrubbing the fabric, Once I finish working through all of
the stains, I rinse the pants and wash them in the washing machine on a regular
cycle. I hang them up to dry. Now the pants are ready to go, and I’ll
start the process once they come back home again. I promised I’d give you my
solution for the white pants when they need some extra help, and I’ll share two
treatments I found to work. Sometimes the white pants can have a slight residue
from the red clay. Did you know the red stains from red clay are from the iron
in the clay? It leaves a rust color like when iron rusts, and it can be difficult
to get out of fabrics. I found the best way to get the rest of the rust color
out of the white pants is to soak them in a mixture of Iron Out overnight and
then launder them again. Be careful to test any colored stitching or stripes on
the pants before you soak them as some threads can discolor. I’ve used this on
grey pants with good results, but, again, test the solution on the fabric before
soaking the pants just in case the gray fades too much for you. Another treatment I’ve used is a homemade solution that I use for my regular laundry as a
pre-treatment for stains. When the grass stains and the black dirt stains are
difficult to get out, I’ve used this spray along with the Fels Naptha with
good results. Mix 2 parts hydrogen peroxide with 1 part regular Dawn dish
detergent, and spray it onto the fabric as you’re working with the Fels Naptha soap into the fabric. This solution is similar to an Oxy Clean product, which you could use instead if you have some of that on hand. Let me know in the
comments below if you’ve used this method or if you have another technique
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  1. Great job! I appreciate the information. I’ve been working on my grandson’s football practice pants all afternoon and this is the best cleaning solution I’ve seen. Thanks a million.

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