How To Clean WHITE Football Boots! Easy & Simple Cleaning Hacks

music plays Today we’ll show you how to clean your boots! We have a selection of quick and easy hacks for you Give them a try There is no talking just background music Just read the instructions on the screen and enjoy! Nice and clean!

100 thoughts on “How To Clean WHITE Football Boots! Easy & Simple Cleaning Hacks

  1. Good quality vid but there is already a bunch of these out there, and why does EVERYONE PUT THIER SHOES IN A WASHING MACHINE!

  2. My name is Fares

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    The project Hua opened a shoe store

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  3. i love the way how you hold the boots so gently
    if i had a football boots i never let that kind of mud come near my boots
    i will care for this boot
    it is a nice video for cleaning football boots if i buy football boots someday in my life i will use this tricks or method it will be helpful for me to clean my boots thanks for this video football boots team. i appriciate it.


  5. How to clean…. buy this cleaning kit…. then use 30 other chemicals… then just wash them like you would your clothes.

  6. Вы монтировать не умеете? Почему звук в видео постоянно обрывается

  7. U guys should do the Same with Nike superfly 6 accademy cause I can’t seem to get them to the way they were when I first got them….. there are a lot of stains that I can’t get off I don’t understand why

  8. Vanish gold should do the trick🤣
    (Edit) I'm further into the video now and I see that he does use vanish gold haha my bad

  9. Here's another tip. Don't use white shoes when there is mud. I have two pairs, one white-pink nemeziz which I use when there is good weather and one grey superfly for the muddy days

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