How to Clean Your Table Tennis Bat

I just want to talk a little bit about cleaning
your rubber. Now there is a lot of bat cleaners out there where you can get special chemicals
and you can clean them off, but I really find is just the easiest is just to breathe on
it and clean it with your hands. All you really do is breathe on it heavily and you get a
bit of mist and you can just wipe it off and that’s it easy as that. Just done. And if
it gets any more dirtier than that you want to clean it you can use a bit of water. If
you really want you can use those cleaners , but I never have and that’s good enough
for me. The other tip about keeping your rubber good
is just to keep it in a bat cover. Just protects it and keeps it out of the light. And that’s

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  1. I'm a bit of a beginner to table tennis, well at least at learning to play it correctly as i have played casually for years.

    Where I'm playing the flows are a bit dirty, so the bat gets particularly dirty as a result. While playing I breve on the rubbers & gently wipe them on a clean part of my clothes, but after each time i play i've been using a bat cleaning chemical. Is it bad over time to over use these kind of cleaners? I want to conserve the rubbers as long as possible for now.


  2. actually today im going down to the sports center, but they only have TT tables, no lessons or coaches for it…

  3. can you tell me what to do if the rubber is starting to loosen up from the bat, I haven't used any glue or anything but I have been playing with it for some time since I bought it (only for fun) and the rubber is starting to come off..

  4. Either replace it or you can buy glue for table tennis rubber which you can use if you want to got to the trouble of finding some on the internet, as i've never seen any in the shops 🙂

  5. Lol, you are so stupid? and wait you are a coach or something? :)) omg u made me laugh! that is good when you are playing a match noobie! You actually need to clean your rubber with some special stuff!

  6. HaHAAAAAAAAAAA you gotta be kidding me!!!!!
    i used to clean my old audio Cd's with that method, its usefull for dishes too.
    Don't waste your time on rubbish

  7. I try never touch rubber with my greasy sausages (aka fingers). When I want to clean, I just use water and soap. Works well for me.

  8. I´ve seen chinese players do it also with the ball before starting a competition. I certainly do it also with my glasses when they are dirty. It seems that the saliva is a good cleaner although disgusting hahaha

  9. Pingskills :just want to know…i always use this sponge wet with water for cleaning my rubbers everytime after my game, almost everyday…do i have to wet wipe my rubbers everyday? coz i mean….i notices my rubbers loss there spin, grip and stickyness….is there any way i could return these to my rubbers?..thanks…your videos help me a lot in improving my skills…peace yah all !

  10. hmm..i really don't think it's a good idea to use your hand to wipe the rubbers…oils and other substances in your hands could really deminish the effectivity and grip of the rubber in the long run…if you don't have a cleaner…try using a bit of plain water and special tt rubber sponge to wipe dirt off the rubber and allow air dry in a dust-free area….hope this helps too….anyways…peace yah all!

  11. you've got to be kidding. i don't think there's a worse way to "clean" rubbers than by rubbing your oily hands over them.

  12. @RainmanCT The biggest objection I hear to this is that it will wear out your rubbers faster. If you are really worried about this then you can use water. However watch all of the top players in matches and you'll see this is how they clean their bat during the match. I've always cleaned my rubber like this and never had a problem. I think actual use is what will wear out the rubber faster than any oils from your hand.

  13. @pingskills i've watched a few hundred videos of the pros (and seen quite a few live) and never seen them clean the rubber this way (other than a quick wipe off when junk gets on there)…i've always heard that oil is bad for rubber so you want to avoid getting oil from your hand on it – altho i don't know of any testing that's been done – so who knows! thanks for posting anyway

  14. @MrObame It is true that they get plenty of rubbers. However I think that even for people who play less, the effect of the ball hitting the rubber and time affect the rubber more than any oils from your hand. I personally believe that it has minimal effect on your rubbers.

    If you are worried then stick with water. I'm going to keep using this technique.

  15. Thanks. I'm always looking for affordable and simple ways to do things. I do use a dab of dish soap and water which works for me.

  16. @goodmorning945 dude, thats the way everyone does it. u should just use the cleaner after your training or the game. while u are playing just breath on it and wipe it away, thats it. guess u are the stupid 1

  17. @PrinceArt77 bro, breathin on and wipe it away is fine as long as u clean the rubber after the game or train, while u are playing u can just breath on it and wipe away, has no offence to the rubber, all u ahve to do is clean it with a spray or somethin like that when u are ready with playing

  18. @MrObame dumbass, not even pros get almsot every game new rubbers, timo boll changes them all 2 months. and yes i know it cause i play at borussia düsseldorf too, just like timo

  19. @paulispaul A lot of people seem to think this is a bad way to do it. I've never had a problem cleaning my bat this way but if you prefer you can just use a damp cloth with some water on it.

  20. If I do this will the rubber wear faster, im worried. i want to take care of it best as possible.

  21. @goodmorning945 actually that stupid? no, YOU are the stupid. Almost EVERY player cleans his bat this way

  22. Personally I find if you just clean it with dish soap (which is a grease cutter) and rinse it off in the sink and let it dry, it will have all the dirt and oil from your hand, the ball, etc, and it will be as tacky as the day you bough it.

  23. I think the best way is with a common kitchen sponge made by the 3M company (ocello), Wet the Ocello sponge with DISTILLED water and wipe clean then air dry. (not too much water, should evaporate off rubber quickly). I like to store my paddle/bat in a zip=lock bag to maintain the rubber and glue longer.

  24. Hello. I like to clean rubber on my racket with special cleaners. Also, Ive found that I play better when my racket is freshly cleaned because then, I think, it generates more spin. My question is: During an official match, are you allowed to clean your rubber before every single game? Or should you just clean it once before the match starts? Ive found it helpful to clean the rubber before every single game, but I'm not sure if it is okay by the ITTF rules… Z.

  25. @MrZonYT Good question. I believe you can clean it before every game. The best players in the world don't do this though. During a match and between points they often clean their rubber just with their hands or by wiping the bat on their clothes.

  26. @pingskills Thank you a lot! I also think it is "ITTF legal" but I'm not sure why top players never use that opportunity to clean their bats in breaks between games. Perhaps, it is because top players buy new rubbers often and they play matches in modern sports halls. Players, like myself, who play only on a local level as a hobby sometimes play with the same rubbers for years, or play in old, dusty gyms – so then, the extra cleaning can make a bigger difference.

  27. OK, so we were probably wrong on the special cleaners here… Today, I did a google research and found out a link showing an ITTF official message called Racket control 2009 that is advicing players: "Only clean your racket with water, do not use any other substances." That indicates rubber cleaners, even the ones bought in official table tennis shops are not approved hahaha WTF? I was definitely not aware of that rule…

  28. Hi, my teacher told me that I can clean the bat with a little of shaving cream
    and with my hand I spread the shaving cream in the rubber and with my arm I clean the shaving cream
    and my question Can I clean the rubber with shaving cream?

  29. @MrVehu I haven't heard of anyone doing that before. I'd be worried about using shaving cream. If would just use a little bit of water if you need to.

  30. I believe the guy who did this video was Jeff Plumb and was a top Table Tennis player back in the day and knows a thing or two. I've played Table Tennis for awhile and I believe this method of using your breath or a bit of water is good. Using a sponge with a bit of water is good too.

  31. @iamlalala1995 Good question. Can you post this one on the Ask the Coach section of our website and I'll get an answer for you.

  32. Come on, Jeff! Your breath? That's a temp cleaning at best. What do you think of distilled water for cleaning the rubbers?

  33. @Ricksonkimura A bit of water is great for cleaning your bat. Just make sure you wipe all the water off. During a match though you won't have access to water like this which is why you'll see all the professionals using their breath or their clothes to clean the bat.


  35. Some people like to use rubber cleaners from Table Tennis companies. This does work but I find that you can just do as I show in the video or just use a damp cloth and some water.

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  37. Absolutely awful advice. The main benefit of cleaning the rubber is the removal of grease, allowing maximum friction between bat and ball. Your hand is covered in oil. Terrible advice.

  38. This is advice from someone who probably changes there rubbers every other week. What is the advice for someone who doesn't play every day?

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