How to correctly throw the baseball – drills to improve throwing mechanics

Here we are going to demonstrate a drill to learn how to correctly throw the baseball first, place your foot straight like this your knee and your foot must be pointing back and then, you make this you hit back and ahead Let’s do it watch your hips you shouldn’t do it so fast, take your time, but do it well watch out your movements ensure that you catch the ball and that your throwing hand is near your glove when I am teaching something to you, you must pay attention, because I cannot repeat it to each of you individually. When I explain something to your colleague please pay attention you must be placed head on when the baseball comes, you shouldn’t wait for the baseball to come, you must be always prepared looking to the ball, it comes, and then you make the move watch out the baseball look Many of you field ground balls and throw the base this way here is correct but look at the glove the glove can’t be down when I field a groundball, automatically I need to do this with my arm and glove notice the way I am positioned point over your elbow, and place the glove like this and throw from that position loading all your weight in your right leg, here, and throwing ahead after throwing the baseball, you complete the throwing motion There is no need to go down, but keep the position up Catch it, and throw it from up here Let’s try it That’s it! drop it, very good! nice that one was not good very good, come on! drop it point with your glove that is it, very nice Very nice Miguez, you are a professional on the other side ok, very good, that’s it you have to place your right foot forward ok, good one there very good, that one was nice Right foot forward go with the right foot, it will give you more strenght that one was nice come on Francis, take your time they do not pay attention Remember what I explained before, take the right foot forward, and go, like this and I run this way I give the runner less time and chance of reaching safely on first base That’s why you have to do it correctly and the faster you can, if you point with the glove is better let’s do it the right way now ok, good one this player does it very well, he is seems a professional turn, you must turn good one Very good Nuñez, but you must turn he is jumping very good, very good Pelao! make the ball get into the glove, and get out the movements, that’s it Let’s combine your movements when the baseball comes into the glove, movement there very good That was not good, you jumped when you turn, your body will turn with you, there is where the strenght comes from but if I do it like this you are not doing it the right way if I do it like this it is not correct that is why I need to turn they need to get used to it turn over your body, come on that’s it last one ok, now the other row see what I am going to do now, you always need to be low, while defending because some strikes can surprise you, like for example those ones which go there you have to catch it like this so the baseball stays in front of you and you are able to pick it up and throw you need to watch out your pivot foot for example, another time low the ball comes at me fast, I catch and throw it you need to be fast the baseball must get in contact with your glove, if not, it is wrong 1, that was nice watch out your pivot foot 4, 5 Come on Pelao! 6 7, that is why you need to watch out your pivot foot, 8 9 Come on Angel Luis get your place back! you must not lose it throw it faster Alex, and help with the ball hit the ball harder, Angel Luis so it does not bother you That is it! bounce the ball that’s it Come on, get your pivot back, faster Alex, faster! that’s it, take your pivot back that’s it, come on Alex come on, that is it, get back your pivot good one that’s it pay more attention that’s it, nice! watch your foot out, everything is on your pivot pay more attention come on, catch it! Alright that one was nice get your place back, that is it go and take your pivot you missed it, and if you miss it, you are lost you are walking too much, you are going to miss it again you are never going to do it, because you lost your pivot you lost it, you are never going to do it, see you are never going to do it you have to be here you cannot place yourself like this in front of the base, because if the player slides below you, he can hit you in your leg, you should be behind in here if the strike comes here you are going to make this for double playing and if the strike is coming towards you, you make this Let’s see how it works

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