How To Develop The Top Hand Childrens/Juniors Cricket Coaching

Hi Guys Jemile of The Cricket School Here all we are going to do is develop some coordination for you young guys – you younger cricketers in order to develop your top hand so me myself i’m a right handed batsman so my favourite hand is my right hand obviously if i was a left handed batsman my
favorite hand would be my left hand i’m a right handed batsman – the hand
i use less is my left hand so i’m just trying to develop the coordination with that left hand i am just doing this very simply and easy if you can control this you get a lot of benefit from it
because then you will have control in your batting as wwell one very easy way in which to do it and then of course when your able to do that comfortably without the racket,
you can then move up to a cricket bat and so on and so on, you could even then start to do
it without a bat and start to do it with your hands although that’s actually quite easy – so try the rackets and
the bats and you’ll get good benefit from that

2 thoughts on “How To Develop The Top Hand Childrens/Juniors Cricket Coaching

  1. I would like to know how top play the on drive and keep balance. It would be great if you could maybe make a video on that. 🙂

  2. i have a gripping problem on top hand… i want know how could i perfect it and play easily all the shot…kindly make a video for this ploblem…..

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