17 thoughts on “How to Do a Cut Smash Shot | Badminton Lessons

  1. I've been playing badminton since i was a kid, was part of the varsity team during high school, and i've competed in various tournaments and i've NEVER heard of a smash cut shot. Dunno if you guys are just inventing some terms but that seems to be just some smash to the other side of the court. kinda like a cross

  2. good try but sorry guys, this is shit. First off, your not showing how to do the shot, your not even showing how the shot looks like, you just keep talking about some shit that no one knows. 2ndly, by the sound of it, I believe this is no different than a smash but a cross-court smash, nothing fancy. 3rdly, you mention it that the shot gonna slow down dramatically but look, that shit just breaks the sound barrier lol

  3. i enrolled badminton club i have the weakest smash ever im top 1 of the weakest i just wanna learn how to smash,how to hold the rocket:((((((( i wanna quit/give up the badminton -cries-😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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