How to do BAT-YOGA!! (Batman Yoga)

*relaxing music plays*
Ohm x4 Oh! Namaste, Gotham!
*laughs* I mean it sounded funny in my head, but saying it out loud. I see you’ve interrupted one of my Yoga sessions. Welcome! As I’m sure you all know, being the Dark Knight
is a stressful gig. Therefore, I have taken up the art of Yoga
in order to sustain some sanity in my crazy life. As Alfred says, I need to find some inner
peace so I quit punching the wrong guys and then having to be in the news and it’s just
an awkward PR mess so…yes. Inner peace! I am finding a better way to deal with my
inner demons rather than punching people. It’s a bit stressful. So now I will show you, Gotham, the art of
the Yoga! More specifically, the Bat-Yoga! Sternum forward! My back! Alfred, make sure Bane doesn’t come in here
when I’m doing this. My anaconda don’t. My anaconda don’t. My anaconda don’t want none if you don’t want
to be punched! Is this actually yoga or is Alfred tricking
me? I’m a balloon!!! I AM COMFORTABLE, LADY! Here we go. Downward dog! Oh! It’s a bad dog! I’m okay, Gotham. I’m okay! Don’t be worried about me. Alright, what?! What kind of flexibility is that?! I am stressed over this yoga! Yoga Lady: I recommend probably at least a
minute or so. Batman: A minute?! Of this madness?! *angry grunt*
I don’t like this move! Oh nonononononno! How is she holding-nope. Am I doing it right? *apathetic grunting*
Those spinal twists. Bane knows about those. I don’t want him to know about those. *pained grunting*
What am I doing with my life? Peace and calm. Peaceeeee. Calmmmmm. Last time I was this peaceful, my parents
were uh… My parents. My parents were…MURDERED. In cold blood! On the streets of Gotham! And there’s still that violence rampaging
the streets of Gotham today! And I have to stop it! *angry grunting*
What is this?! This peace…not going to break it. *angry grunting*
The only true stress relief is punching bad guys until you feel better about your inner
demons! Uh Alfred just informed me that I can’t uh
legally endorse punching people as a stress relief. That it’s a bad thing and also I need to wear
this again. *clears throat*
So yeah that was Batman’s Yoga routine! How do you guys relieve stress? Do you guys do yoga? Tell me in the comments below! Alfred said that if any of you guys say you
punch bad guys for stress relief, uh that’s my fault and I have to deal with the legal
repercussions. So don’t punch bad guys, kids! ‘Cause Bruce Wayn-I mean, Batman only has
so much money to pay for lawsuits. Namaste, Gotham!
*end theme* Thank you for watching my video! If you enjoyed it, feel free to subscribe
for more like it. *cell phone falls out of pocket*
Ignore the recorder of my audio *laughs*

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