10 thoughts on “How to Do Footwork Drills | Badminton Lessons

  1. he learned by reading not by doing much ppl can tell he doesnt play much. i believe he is very theoretical in expaining stuff and doesnt come across as a pro.

  2. There are 6 point to move forward, not only 4 corners. All movement, meaning footwork, must be done in an imitation manner like you actually hitting a bridy. Thus, programing your motions in subconscious deeply so you don't have to think about your technique while playing the game.

  3. Okay, this video is NOT technically good. Your base is way too close to the net. Movement is individualize, but man — sorry Chris — the base should be at least two racket lengths away for the front service line. The reason is that it is easier to move forward than backward. Training for 4 versus 6 or 8 points on the court is up to the individual. Most top badminton players train 8 points (don't forget straight in front and back).   

  4. may i know from where you learn your badminton skills? lol lol lol … disgrace to badminton coaches,,, kindly remove all your videos… your not good,,, u need lessons . practicals … not by watching BWF coaching lessons or not by attending shuttle time coaching form..

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