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*MelBet Ad* Hello Viewers, Welcome to Nothing But Cricket In this video I’m gonna talk about How to face the bowler we fear the most We might have panic attacks seeing that bowler and we will be confused We might defend full toss balls and try to smash good deliveries I’ll explain about how to come out of that psychological pressure in this video Please do subscribe and press the bell icon for notification from NBC My instagram link is in description and first comment. Press the link and follow Let’s go into the video there will be a lot of reasons to get scared pyschologically by seeing a bowler may be a bruise, may be got out several times in his bowling, we might have struggled to play him To play such a bowler, First thing that we gotta do is Forgetting the past bad experiences There will always be good and bad Main reason for most batsmen getting out of form is over thinking of bad experiences So we have to get out of it and start fresh We might find a psychological relief by doing this Bowler might be an expert but still a human being. He will also make errors play the good balls safe and wait for the loose balls definitely there will be a loose ball , so focus on that ball and make runs of it If we play 12 balls we can defend 9 balls and score 3 boundaries of the 3 loose balls and make 12 out of 12 we should not throw our wicket for not scoring run for 4 or 5 balls we have to wait for the loose ball like a hawk playing merit of the ball is the key Even if we miss the loose ball, we have to chill out and score runs of the other bowler If we have this mind set we can tackle any kind of bowler What if it’s a bad day for us? We are not meeting the ball properly and the bowler is bowling exceptionally well play in soft hands and get single and go to the non striker end We can go to the other end and observe our partner We can have some cooling off time in the non striker end We can get some idea about the bowler we can face him with some insight next time By this way we can blow some steam off These are the three simple tricke Don’t be desperate in the crease tough situation will cool off in 2 to 3 overs max Don’t be desperate, Don’t over think, Just play merit of the ball By doing this we can score big runs and we can tackle any kind of bowler Thanks for watching the video please do Like, Share and Subscribe press the bell icon for notifications Thanks for watching, Keep supporting !

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  1. 1.Crease ku veliya nikkanum
    2. Trigger movement – to confuse bowler
    3. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
    back foot ah kooda irukkalam

    Maybe irukkalam ๐Ÿ˜
    Chumma guessing dhan ..

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  3. bro video super

    Wicket keeping ku konjam pannaunga naan athula konjam strong aa irukura maari iruku konjam tips sonna naan upgrade pannikuven enna

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