How to find your natural arm slot [Baseball Pitching Arm Angle]

Hey, let’s talk a little pitching again
today ‘cause got another question. This one is from [Kirst Legend] and he asks, hey
John, just a pitching question about arm slot as a righty, probably would have been a left
handed thrower if I wasn’t taught righty. I was taught when I was younger to always
throw over the top. Then I started three quarter arm slot and then side arm from the infield.
How can I find my natural arm slot? I saw someone else ask you and you said how they
would throw to first base, which I don’t think would work, considering I’m always aware
of which arm slot I’m using? How can I find my natural arm slot?
Great question and as you mentioned, my normal answer is to field ball from short stop and
throw to first. That’s what my coach did for me to find my natural arm slot but the difference
was he did not tell me what he was doing. So all I thought I was doing I was out there
doing some fielding drill not short stop so I wasn’t thinking of my arm slot when I was
doing that. So for you, again it might not work, because
if you are out there doing that you are going to be thinking of your arm slot. So how can
you fix your arm slot and by paying attention to what you’re doing? Basically you are just
going to have to field it out. My suggestion to you would be to record yourself in slow-motion
video from different arm angles okay and different arm slots and after each throw say whether
it felt good. If the pitch was good, if your movement was good, if your speed was good,
if your location was good. So you would throw your pitch from over the
top boom. You would turn to the camera and say good speed, good location, felt good,
good movement, or not. No it wasn’t good movement. No, it wasn’t good speed whatever
it was. No, he didn’t feel good but you would say to the camera so you would remember.
Then you would come down a little bit lower. Tell the camera. Was that good? How did it
feel blah, blah, blah? Again, a little bit lower. Talk to the camera. Again a little
bit lower. Work yourself all the way down and then come back and re-evaluate which ones
felt the best and which ones had the best movement, which ones had the best speed, which
ones had the best location and which ones felt the best okay. So really that’s the way
to do it. If you’re a coach, and you’re trying to
work on a player’s natural arm slot, put them out to short stop and have them throw
the first without them knowing that you’re working on arm slot is a great way to do it.
That’s the way I figured out my natural arm slot. So great question. Thanks guys, if you
have any other questions please let me know. I’d be happy to answer them. Also I’ve got
some great pitching stuff that I want you to check out at the link below. So go ahead
and click on that and I’ll see you over there guys. I hope to talk to you soon. Thanks.

16 thoughts on “How to find your natural arm slot [Baseball Pitching Arm Angle]

  1. This is the video I needed!!!!! I'm going to get it together John! My dad and pitching coaches in the past always told me to throw over the top because it could prevent injury. I do feel I throw harder from over the top, but less control. I have better control from 3/4 but less velocity. I will get it together John!

  2. I have a question regarding this. I have a rare arm condition where I can extend my arm all the way(I can go about 98% out but then the bone collides and stops it) and the doctor says I can't change my arm angle but I don't know my natural angle and I dont know how I could find it.

  3. I'm an infielder and I have been throwing with a 3/4 arm slot for as long as I can remember. My arm has recently began hurting a lot from playing more baseball. I was wondering if it is hurting my arm to throw like I do?

  4. when i started to pitch 5 years ago i threw sidearm but my coach said it was bad for me so i started throwing 3/4 i just wonder which one i should use

  5. I play for recreation, use to play c level, but had surgery from a car accdident. Any suggestions for good angle/exercises after surgery? They took my bursa muscle out of my rotator cuff and put it more towards the front, so nothing seams to feel or work the same.

  6. Hi John, really appreciate the informative videos! My 15U son is getting more serious w/his pitching and it looks like his summer team will be relying on him quite a bit for quality innings next summer. He's only had two pitching lessons in his life early this year and the coach (former college pitcher) noted that he liked my son's natural 3/4 arm slot. Now, during fall workouts, his summer coaches are trying to get him to pitch over the top, which my son tells me just doesn't feel good to him. How should a player/parent deal with coaches teaching different techniques? I believe 3/4 is natural for him and don't want his mechanics to get confused working from a different slot…

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